Colossal Inc. launches social media to give voice to veterans

May 07 23:50 2020
A veteran-owned software company, Colossal Inc., announces the launch of SayScape, a social media platform developed to give veterans their freedom of speech and expression on the internet

Colossal Inc. is a software development company owned by veterans and poised with ensuring the successful integration of veterans into society. In line with the company’s goal of giving voice to veterans as well as first responders and getting back the freedom of speech and expression that has been stripped from them on other platforms, Colossal Inc. launched their social media platform – SayScape.

War veterans in the United States and other parts of the world have had to deal with different issues. While some of these challenges are physical, others are financial or even emotional. Unfortunately, not too many solutions have been designed to meet the needs of this special set of individuals that dedicated their lives to protecting the sovereignty of the nation. The internet and social media, in particular, seems to have further exacerbated this undesired phenomenon, with many such platforms stripping of the freedom of speech and expression of veterans. However, a small group of Air Force veterans has risen to the challenge by creating SayScape.

SayScape was created as a non-biased social media platform for veterans, first responders, as well as every interested person, that avails users the same opportunity and ability to share as equals while protecting them from any form of threats of violence, terrorist propagation, or incitement of suicide. The platform will go a long way in successfully integrating veterans into the community and helping to combat many of the socio-psychological issues synonymous with these special superheroes.

Colossal Inc. has also collaborated with to use their service to handle veteran and first responder verification. This helps to ease the process of being a member of the awesome community, eliminating the need for personal data collection. 

The all-in-one social media app is designed to help veterans enjoy the immense benefits of social media without the stress associated with using similar platforms. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensiveness provide users with the “Social Freedom” they have always wanted.

SayScape is currently available on Google Play and App Store as well as a website platform to meet the diverse needs of users.

For more information about SayScape, please visit – The Veteran-owned social media also has a growing presence in the social media world and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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