Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians is Now Offering Virtual Appointments to Help Avoid the Spread of COVID-19

May 08 10:00 2020
Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians is Now Offering Virtual Appointments to Help Avoid the Spread of COVID-19

Scottsdale, AZ – Getting medical help and attention does not have to be a stressful process. Essentially, a patient does not have to wait long hours to see a doctor for minor or major complaints and this is why the team at Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians has repackaged their medical services to offer patients the concierge and mobile medical attention that they deserve. At Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians, the doctors and primary healthcare providers come to patients wherever they may be, whether at home or work, to deliver the best quality of medical care services, all at an affordable price.

With the current global pandemic brought on by the novel coronavirus, Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians is working hard to ensure that the healthcare needs of its patients are met. This major concern has led to the announcement of offering the option for virtual appointments. With the capability to do virtual appointments, patients will be offered concierge services that are in line with the recommended social distancing and self-quarantine guidelines while still being able to dispense appropriate medications as necessary.

With Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians, patients can worry less about exposing themselves to more danger and health risks while waiting at the hospital or doctor’s office for their appointments. The team of mobile medical doctors are always ready and on standby to attend to patients virtually or by visiting them in the comfort of their own home.

The concierge physicians at Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians are unique in the fact that they cut out the middle man (health insurance) so that they can spend more time with YOU, the patient. They have structured their model to be able to provide the highest quality of care while still saving their patients money, whether they have insurance or not.  Over 70% of their patients have health insurance and have still found that Desert Mobile Medical provides better care at a lower cost.  

Did you know that 90% of health issues can be solved with Direct Primary Care? Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians is ‘Healthcare Built Around You’ meaning they are convenient (since they go to your home), they are flexible (they typically accommodate for same day or next day appointments), and affordable (they take out the middleman, health insurance, to give you quality healthcare with no hidden costs or impossibly complicated invoices).   

Overall one of the biggest benefits is saving on lost time.  Not only the lost time of driving to the doctor’s office and then waiting there for hours, but also because they give you the time needed so they can make sure you have the best care resulting in a more effective you.

Describing the personalized and unhurried care of a concierge doctor offered by the medical physicians at Desert Mobile Medical, a patient left a 5-star review for the online doctor saying, “This is a fantastic service and I’m glad I found Dr Goel. He takes his time listening to your issue and explains what and why he is treating you the way he is. He doesn’t have the typical ‘just do as I say and all will be better’ attitude. His focus on preventative care is unique, he prefers to prevent health problems from occurring rather than treat them after they happen. Being able to call, video chat or just message when you need him is the future of doctor appointments. He is quick to respond and does what he can to address your needs as quickly as he can.”

Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians is currently accepting new patients, as they provide a full suite of the most important mobile doctor services to support your vibrant good health, even during this challenging time, by offering the option to visit your home or perform a virtual appointment.

The concierge physician will ensure that patients, during the pandemic, are well catered to. If a patient chooses to have a mobile doctor visit their home for their appointment, prior to their visit, the doctor will maintain COVID-19 safety procedures that will ensure the continued protection of patients from the global pandemic.

Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians offers services such as: hormone replacement therapy, mobile lab tests, vaccinations, in-home medical dispensing, mobile diagnostic imaging services, direct primary care services, as well as physical and massage therapy services.

Desert Mobile Medical | Concierge Physicians is headquartered at 9300 E Raintree Dr Suite 130 Suite 2, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Contact their team via phone at (480) 427-0002 or send online inquiries via email to [email protected]. For additional information regarding their services, visit their website.

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