Life Energy Solutions adds more to collection of personal EMF protection products with keyrings, stones, and more

May 08 12:42 2020
Life Energy Solutions is a New Zealand-based specialist in EMF protection products and other products designed to promote better health and wellbeing. The company has provided many thousands of clients with everything they need in terms of protection against negative energy, especially with its range of products that make use of the healing power of nature.

NEW ZEALAND – Electromagnetic fields are everywhere; the earth generates its own electromagnetic field, which is benign to life and a necessity for life. But when there is too much electromagnetic field radiation, this is when problems and issues can manifest. No one knows and understands this better than Life Energy Solutions. 

What started as a small company in New Zealand catering to a small, tightly-knit community has expanded rapidly into a large enterprise serving people and customers across the world. The company’s expansion is something that Life Energy Solutions is proud to confirm. Life Energy Solutions has helped a vast number of customers looking to improve their lives and wellness and protect themselves from the dangers of electromagnetic field radiation.  Life Energy Solutions continues to serve customers in the best way it knows how – by providing them with an even more eclectic range of protection products which they can use every single day.

Today, Life Energy Solutions is happy to announce that it has since added to its already broad collection of EMF protection products with keyrings, stones, and pendants. One particularly popular item is the Chi-Shell keyring, which starts from only $89. The Chi-Shell keyring has proven especially useful for children going to school as one can easily clip it onto a school bag and it will then serve to protect children whilst they are in school and the classroom. The product is entirely hand-made in New Zealand. It is moulded from an authentic clam shell. It also offers the same unique technology as the p.e.bal and ki-bal from Life Energy Solutions, and it offers massive protection at ranges up to 14 meters. 

Other products now on the list include the Ki-Bal keyring, the Zen Stone Hope, the Nu-Me range of pendants and the Snappy Natty range of pendants as well.

About the company:

Life Energy Solutions is a leader in wellness and wellbeing. The company specialises in all kinds of electromagnetic field protection products that include zone EMF protection products, cell phone radiation protection products, health and wellbeing products and accessories. Life Energy Solutions also produces a diverse range of eBooks. To gain access to the best info on its EMF protection items, visit the company’s website today.  

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