RageOn saving lives amid COVID-19 with their range of Double-layer facemask

May 08 16:10 2020
Innovative online shopping platform, RageOn, helps people stay safe amid the coronavirus crisis by allowing them to buy facemask online with ease

RageOn has again reiterated their goal of helping millions of people in different parts of the world meet their shopping needs, particularly in these trying times with the ravaging COVID-19 pandemic by offering customers premium quality COVID 19 facemask from trusted manufacturers. RageOn currently has a plethora of masks, allowing shoppers to order facemask online and stay safe without having to break the bank.

COVID-19 has continued to wreak a lot of havoc across the globe, directly infecting more than 3.7 million people worldwide. The pandemic has also left devastating effects on the economy of countries as well as the social life of individuals. Consequently, health experts and governments have put measures in place to curb the spread of the virus, with social distancing and wearing face masks being some of the cheapest and effective ways of staying safe.

Face masks are particularly recommended as wearing them helps to reduce the risk of contracting the virus from droplets of infected persons. It also ensures that people do not touch their face as often, consequently reducing the risk of bringing the virus into the body. Face masks have also been identified to offer amazing protection from pet allergens and dusty environments. Unfortunately, the increasing number of COVID-19 cases and a spike in the demand for face masks has made it difficult for people to access quality face masks. This is where RageOn is looking to make a difference by helping to save as many lives as possible via their wide range of quality yet affordable face masks.

The online retail platform has different face masks, one of which is the Black Out Face Mask, which has continued to garner reviews since its launch on the store. RageOn’s user-friendly interface, relative affordability, or cost-effectiveness of the masks and the comprehensiveness of the website make it the ideal COVID-19 lifesaver.

For more information about RageOn and the full range of COVID-19 facemasks as well as other categories of products available on the online store, please visit – https://www.rageon.com/. RageOn also has a relatively strong presence on social media and can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @rageonofficial.

About RageOn

RageOn was launched as an online shopping mall to help people shop for their supplies with ease. Named as the “World’s Largest All-Over-Print Online Retailer,” by Shopify in 2014, RageOn has pioneered the art of made-to-order dye-sublimation, also known as all-over-printing, which enables print and design of any colors across the entirety of a product.

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