Hsaam brings more than 85% annual return to investors through gold futures arbitrage

May 08 20:03 2020

In 1974, the United States released the official gold control, the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) launched the gold futures contract trading, the gold futures market gradually formed, and the gold futures arbitrage was also born.


Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater, a famous global arbitrage fund, revealed the truth that many Wall Street companies continue to gain high returns through gold futures arbitrage through the gold market in autobiographical principles. Gold futures arbitrage promotes the liquidity and development of the gold market. At present, there are still a large number of institutions and individuals in the gold market for arbitrage profits. The charm of gold futures arbitrage is that its earnings are not affected by financial market fluctuations. In contrast, volatility creates more and more arbitrage space.

In 2016, Blackstone Group established the hsaam department to provide top financial products for more ordinary people. In the same year, hsaam carried 85.9% annual return for 50000 investors through gold futures arbitrage

At present, the annual return range of individual engaged in gold futures arbitrage is about 20% – 48%.

Difference between personal arbitrage and participation in Hsaam GMP program

1. timely information capture, professional analysis team and perfect strategy to achieve higher profits

The opportunity of futures arbitrage is based on the fluctuation of the market. The more timely the information is captured, the more accurate the market prediction is, and the larger the profit space is. The perfect strategy not only guarantees higher income but also guarantees the safety of the principal. According to UK FXCM data, at present, the monthly profitability of individual investors through arbitrage in the gold futures market has reached 4%. Professional institutions are much higher than that.

2. Keep long-term cooperation with more securities companies and get lower transaction fees

There is a close relationship between the arbitrage agency and the securities companies. The entry of the arbitrage agency promotes the activity of the securities companies’ transaction, and the arbitrage agency can also obtain ultra-low Commission or even zero commission through the securities companies. At present, Hsaam has a long-term cooperative relationship with many securities companies around the world. At present, the main large-scale cooperative securities companies include TD Ameritrade USA, Collins Stewart UK, and ADSS Abu Dhabi.

3. With the help of software

Most of the professional institutions have their arbitrage software, which is connected to the APIs of major securities companies and can analyze data and find arbitrage opportunities for the first time, and automatically trade. This is artificial arbitrage can not compete with it.

Hsaam will launch the Hsaam GMP program to global members in May. If you are a gold futures arbitrage enthusiast, join the Hsaam GMP program as soon as possible, which is a great investment opportunity.

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