Broad Essentials Inc. Is Announcing the Launch of Its New Aromatherapy Line of CBD Essential Oil

May 08 22:00 2020
Broad Essentials Inc. Is Announcing the Launch of Its New Aromatherapy Line of CBD Essential Oil

Broad Essentials Inc., a U.S health and wellness company located in Georgia, is launching their new CBD Aromatherapy line of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade CBD essential oils to the public.

According to the company CEO, Chris Cope, “at Broad Essentials, we start with the purest essential oils. We know the importance of making sure what goes ON and, IN your body, should be made with the purest and highest quality ingredients that are tested for safety and reliability. Our products are NEVER tested on animals and we batch test our products to ensure quality control.  All of our essential oils are 100% pure and therapeutic grade for the finest aromas and reliable benefits.  We then infuse US-farmed hemp-extracted CBD using a proprietary process which allows for a reliable and homogenous infusion.”

The company’s CBD essential oils are available in 16 infused pure oils and 4 blends including favorites such as Lavender CBD Essential Oil and Peppermint CBD Essential Oil. They are available in 2 strengths: a 450mg CBD 15ml bottle for lower CBD levels which has about 1.5mg of CBD per drop, and a 1500mg CBD 15ml bottle which is for higher CBD level applications and has 5mg of CBD per drop.

Essential oils are a natural, vegan and healthy way to support the body, manage pain and inflammation, uplift the mood, provide immune, cardiovascular and respiratory support and much more. Infused with US farmed CBD, customers now get the benefits of pure essential oils and hemp-extracted CBD in one bottle. The company’s CBD essential oils are ideal for diffusing around the home, infusing into your favorite lotions, creams and more as well as infusing into or creating your own products.

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CBD aromatherapy works when the aromas are inhaled through the nose and enter the olfactory system. From there, they bind with the cannabinoid receptors.  With diffusing or infusing, the user gets the benefits of CBD and essential oils, which naturally compliments each other through the Entourage Effect of terpenes in essential oils and cannabinoids like CBD creating a greater overall benefit to the user.

They are also a crafter’s dream allowing them to easily infuse CBD into their products, thereby creating new lines and products. Continuing, Chris said, “our oils can also be infused into your favorite lotions, soaps, shampoos, face washes and other cleansing and beauty products for added benefits from the oils.  Anyone can now easily experiment with different levels of CBD with our 2 different strengths and see which levels work best for their specific needs.

The company’s products have attracted five-star reviews from their customers. According to Michael from Georgia, ”the lavender CBD oil is amazing, it has reduced my body pains, anxiety and depression. I have just had the most relaxing sleep for the first time in years!”

Broad Essentials is currently offering a 30% discount code on all their CBD aromatherapy products good through the end of May.  To stock up and save on all their great products, use CODE: NEW30PR1 at checkout.  Orders $50 and up are always shipped free. 

Be.Happy, be.Healthy, be.Essential.  

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