Mr. Energy Na Casa Set to Launch a Fantastic Heartfelt Wedding Music Video Titled “African Cinderella”

May 08 20:58 2020

Multi-talented Portuguese artist, Mr. Energy Na Casa sets to launch the video to the amazing and lovely wedding song “African Cinderella” which is part of his –  ‘Life As It Is’ Project, that aims to tell real-life events from each of his songs based on his perspective as well as inspirational people in his life. The awesome video is set to be premiered Saturday 9th May, 19:30h CET.

African Cinderella is based on the true story of Mr. Energy’ Na Casa’s friend from Lisbon who wanted him to perform at his wedding and in the end he ended up not only performing but making a song that’s unique to the couple and which would subsequently become the next big wedding song. With its beautiful blend of Jazz, R&B, Soulful Music, Antilles and West African style (Ghetto Zouk), the infectious rhythm is light and breezy.

The lyric, which is inspired by the bride’s story, painted a lovely, vivid picture, describing the bride, who never met her father, and has just lost mother; hence the title “African Cinderella”, as her story reminds the artist of the real story of Cinderella. Getting married after losing family members in a tragic way is such a bittersweet thing. You’re so excited to be marrying your other half, but the build-up to your big day is slightly tinged with the fact that neither your dad nor mum is with you to celebrate.

The grief was the most overwhelming thing she has ever experienced. It consumed her, it hurt her 24 hours a day, and it is still almost impossible to come to terms with. But this tragedy dramatically changed her outlook and she suddenly wanted to make the most of life. And just like in the story of Cinderella, she was comforted by meeting the love of her life, her Prince, who in the other hand has lost his dad as well and they ultimately got married. Mr. Energy Na casa summed up this jaw-dropping story of love by delivering a heartfelt love song with a beautiful memorable melody, a song with a fresh and original lyric that conveys the love and devotion a new bride and groom would feel in each other’s arms.

Couples want to give their guests full sensory and experiential moments, that will be unforgettable, and Mr. Energy Na Casa’s artistic performance was an added emotional layer that was incorporated into his friend’s wedding as a surprise element to entertain everyone and to round out the happy occasion.

The song ultimately represents the groom’s appreciation, respect, recognition and above all – love for his bride.

The African Cinderella video clip, which is sure to tickle your fancy, was proudly produced and directed by Humberto Sanches, with Luciano Lopes and Daniella Jesus as the assistant camera and photography.

Here is the Premiere link video on YouTube:

About Mr. Energy Na Casa

Vitor Tavares Mendes, popularly known as Mr. Energy Na Casa – a name he chose because of his 100% energy and commitment he adds to his creation -, is a Portuguese artist with Cape Verdean roots.

A professional dancer, presenter, personal trainer and newly got into the music scene.

Just like in dance, also in music he wants to express his feelings and tell his life story to the world.

“I love to create, animate, through art I found a way how to express myself and to escape my pain. Often, I am being misjudged thanks to my hard and stubborn character; above all I am a giver and the same time a hardworking person. I hate and despise injustice of any kind, especially when it comes to race and mistreat children,” he said.

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