Online Psychotherapy Sessions are Needed Now More than Ever Due to Stressful Life Changes

May 11 14:38 2020
The Pandemic has Made Online Psychotherapy Sessions More Necessary than Ever Before

The current overall global situation has made individuals tense, nervous and uncertain. 

This is occurring even amongst the Canadian population and InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc in Vaughan is taking on the challenge of providing the necessary emotional and psychological support others need right now!  Because of the social distancing required, InnerSight is providing a secure, remote method of psychotherapy for existing patients and new patients.

Using the newest technology, ZOOM, patients can access assistance privately yet remotely.

Zoom technology is being used and allows for video conferencing remotely anywhere, from car or home. It is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant, and all that is needed is a quiet place without interruption to speak with a therapist and solve problems and gain insights.  HIPAA protects information given by patients and is a way to ensure privacy and compliance with the privacy laws in Canada. Encryption plays an important role in online psychotherapy sessions so that privacy is maintained. 

The pandemic hit Canadians extremely hard, not just physically, but emotionally. 

On March 11, 2020, the WHO (World Health Organization), declared a pandemic based on the spread of Covid-19 globally.  However, WHO has no power to shut countries down or enforce actions.  But based on the recommendations given, on March 17, 2020, much of Ontario, was restricted from many activities by an order given by Premier Doug Ford.  Schools were closed, businesses were shuttered temporarily, and many individuals suffered job losses at the same time trying to remain at home with their children.  The emotional impact on Canadians was intense and continues to be so. 

Stress was intensified for both patients with emotional issues and others who were developing these.

Since leaving home was restricted, individuals found themselves without a good outlet to allay their fears and alleviate their stress.  This is where online psychotherapy sessions became a great benefit.  Individuals in Canada still have many restrictions and having someone there to assist them emotionally is now almost a necessity. 

The reality is that although Canadians are social distancing, no one can really “go it alone.”

There are many psychological and physical consequences associated with isolation stress.  These include physical problems such as heart attacks, and high blood pressure but also include depression and an overall increase in substance abuse.  If stress is not treated, individuals can turn to addictive substances for relief, or become depressed.  In the worst-case scenario suicides can increase.  The ability to have professional therapy at times of isolation is imperative.  Professional counselors play a big part in preventing the occurrence of physical symptoms and of course, depression and substance abuse. 

A good counseling service that offers online psychotherapy sessions however must be sought.

Experience in all types of emotional and psychological disorders as well as substance abuse issues is a necessity when seeking counseling.  There must not only be availability but experience in many fields of psychotherapy. InnerSight Psychotherapy Inchas solved the issue of knowledge and accessibility, bringing not only experience, but the advantages now of online psychotherapy sessions.  Knowledge combined with access is providing what Canadians need in their lives right now: guidance, insight, and methods of coping.  There is no need now to struggle through this difficult time alone. 

About InnerSight Psychotherapy Inc

Located in Vaughan, ON, InnerSight has been a premier psychotherapy provider for many years and has a team approach to a whole spectrum of emotional and psychological barriers in life.  From agoraphobia, to job loss, InnerSight can assist anyone that needs counseling successfully.  With the pandemic restrictions now, there is a remote conferencing option using ZOOM, that is secure and easy for clients to use.  All a client needs to do is visit:, and click on the “Book Now” link.  It only takes a few minutes and all major Credit Cards are accepted.  This is an easy way to access psychotherapy online and can be done in any quiet room, or even an automobile, using a cell phone.  There is still a phone number and email, but remote access now is the best avenue to pursue quick appointment setting. 

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