Covid-19 The Love Story; New Book Out Now In 70 Countries

May 11 15:58 2020
Covid-19 The Love Story; New Book Out Now In 70 Countries

COVID-19 The Love Story “Be The Rainbow in Someone Else’s Sky”.
Now available on Amazon in paper back or e-book COVID-19 The Love Story illuminates the love around COVID-19. Author of The Force Is In You, Jason Roe launched the Non-Fictional book onto the COVID-19 media world stage to disrupt fear based media narrative. “Love is the force that spread much faster around the world than the virus” says Roe. The last chapter uses a very clever argument to dispel the illusion of dualism the idea of yin & yang concluding through love there exists only – One.

The wisdom energy of the planet in 2020 triggered a love for one another action in response to a fear based event. Author Jason Roe’s new book COVID-19 The Love Story illuminates the love that spread all over the world during the event. Roe says “I have little option but to believe in the unseen, because I am breathing air, and I can’t see. Let go of my keys, they will fall too, thus I believe in a magnetic gravity field. I believe in Love too. We can’t see love, but most of us know when we feel loved. The 2020 event is a testament to human compassion and love for our neighbor across the planet. Love that unified the planet in a way we are yet to fully realize,” says Roe.

The non fiction book is available in paperback and e-book on Amazon at this link, and tells the great love for one another story. Roe does this by focusing on the mobilization efforts of companies and people that surrounded the 2020 historical event. In 2020 the USA work force actually adjusted to use the technologies that exist today to seamlessly integrate to the new ways and continue to do business. There is a growing argument now emerging, the work culture and ways have not changed with the technology. Old habits and ways of renting out buildings, and driving vast distances to go to get a pay check have not changed with the technology. Roe says “I can use the narrative of asking someone in 2020 to drive to work every day as being likened to asking someone to get up of the seat to go to the television and change the TV station. The question is; why would you ask someone to unnecessarily get up when there is a remote control beside them today? The mobile phone, internet, and even remote controls of today, these were not around when we invented the drive to work system” says Roe. “Not only do we not need to drive to work every day, we don’t even need oil or gas to power a 450 horse power car. Porsche in 2020 has just proven with the release if its electric car. said Roe”  

Sky pictured on the cover, a rainbow someone chalked outside Jason Roe’s house. To see it,  inspired the writing of the book with the message of love as a potential rainbow. Sky is available for interview on YouTube.

A takeaway for discussion, we may not have shifted as a planet to the new way of doing things. We already proved we can have a thriving economy as the stock market showed us in lock down. President Trump illuminated a record week on the stock market. The book COVID-19 The Love Story expands on the ability to love, and what love opens us all up to Roe refers to asa planet wide consciousness ascension to oneness with each other — unity. The cover has Roe Yorkshire Terrier Sky pictured on front. Sky is sitting on a rainbow with the expression “Be The Rainbow in Someone else’s Sky”. Roe says, “I hope this book with its message of love will serve to be a rainbow in peoples life to light up love as the colorful path away from the fear based thoughts of this time”.

COVID-19 The Love Story may be seen as a surprise disruption to reporting a narrative on a seemingly fearful event, however  listening to Jason Roes message, there are bigger wild cards of 2020 on the way. Humanity has a great future, and the planet is shifting to love energy. Roe says “Yes all this Is, and I speak of the concept of Is in the book to. It may even be more pleasant in the new normal than we can currently recognize. For now, we all just need to make the focus — love”. To help with meditations, Roe put together a website Coronavirus Survival Club. The website below, has links to W.H.O, the center for disease control and daily meditation cards, for those who don’t want to listen to the main stream news narratives for up to date information.

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