6 Signs A Fire Alarm System Needs To Be Upgraded

May 11 18:24 2020
Did you know all SF properties need to upgrade their fire alarm systems by 2021? By July 1, 2021, building owners of any residential occupancy are required to make their systems loud enough to wake sleeping tenants – learn more about the new fire safety requirement here.

So, you don’t have to wait until the last minute, Aura Fire Alarm is helping you take care of business now by offering six important telltale signs of when your fire alarm system needs to be upgraded.

Schedule Regular Inspections For A Long-Lasting Fire Alarm System

Every time your building is renovated or altered is the general rule of thumb for upgrading smoke and fire alarms. Of course, this is assuming you’re scheduling regular inspections, testing, and maintenance. What’s more, your fire alarm system needs to be properly designed and installed in the first place.

And, remember, this means the whole device — not just the battery. Even though your fire alarms may have only been used a few times, wear and tear can still occur.

If you’ve purchased a commercial building recently and you don’t know when the current alarms were last upgraded or installed, it is wise to err on the side of caution and upgrade them right away.

What Are The 6 Signs You Need An Upgrade?

There are certain signs that indicate it might be time to upgrade your current fire alarm system. Note: If you have any questions about the operation or lifespan of your existing fire alarm system, make sure to contact Aura Fire Alarm today. For more information on fire alarms, call us at (415) 881-4402.

1. System failure: If a component fails, you must replace it as soon as possible to ensure you have a safe building environment and stay up to code.

2. Excessive repairs: Repeat maintenance visits from a fire alarm company can be a sign of imminent breakdown. Moreover, replacing the entire system may save your company more in the long run, especially when compared to increasingly expensive repairs and potential fines for not being code-compliant.

3. Parts no longer available: Manufacturers frequently upgrade fire alarm technology and phase out old components. If you’re finding that getting replacement parts is all but impossible, it’s time to upgrade the fire alarm system.

4. Building renovations: If you’re adding elevators, adjusting room sizes, or making other modifications be aware that a fire alarm system upgrade may be necessary to remain code-compliant.

5. Code changes: Nowadays, fire codes don’t usually experience drastic changes. However, there are often small alterations in code that can affect your business, which can make an upgrade cost-saving in the long run.

6. Incompatibility of system components: Fire detection codes can be rather complicated, and this can lead to an improper retrofit of your existing fire alarm system. If you know that your fire detection system and audible devices are not code-compliant, you should upgrade the system to meet current legislation.

Why Should You Call A Reliable Fire Protection Company?

Code compliance: A crucial reason to make sure your fire alarm is updated is to obey the law. Failure to follow the law can result in reprimands and costly fines.

Proper smoke and fire detection: You know you can’t be in every room of your commercial building at the same time. A fire alarm alerts you of smoke, heat, or fire in all areas of the building, bringing real peace of mind.

Audible and visual signals: As a building’s safety system, one of the fundamental functions of fire alarms is to alert everyone in the building of danger, so they have time to escape before the situation escalates.

Notification system: Fire alarms alert local authorities and emergency personnel of your situation. Their immediate and fast response is critical for getting a commercial building fire under control.

About Aura Fire Alarm:

At Aura Fire Alarm, we give you peace of mind. Our highly responsive and educated team can provide fire alarm installation, inspection, and monitoring services for both your commercial and residential spaces. Our expertise and rapid response go unmatched. Give Aura Fire Alarm a call today — (415) 881-4402.

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