Five Tips For Entrepreneurs During COVID-19

May 13 10:08 2020
Five Tips For Entrepreneurs During COVID-19
By Omar Jackson, founder of OJ Lifestyle

We are living through unprecedented times, with constant challenges, developments and no clear end in sight of Covid-19. Business leaders are worried and anxious, and social distancing is presenting a unique problem in that we’re unable to be with teams in the office, and as a result our homelife is being affected. This can impact the mindset of an entrepreneur, or a business leader and rightly so. I’ve developed five key tips to try and help motivate anyone who is feeling the Covid-19 strain.  I hope this helps.

1. Plan To Rebound And Work Hard

Working hard is always the number one rule for entrepreneurs, and the fact we’re self-isolating or quarantining shouldn’t be any different.  Make sure you don’t limit yourself in terms of the work that you put in, and ensure you have a robust rebound strategy that covers all bases. Once this is all over, and it will be, you need to be ready to activate your strategy, but with with a degree of flexibility, as we don’t fully know what post Covid-19 will look like.  Use your time wisely, have a solid strategy in place, and be ready to go.

2. Keep Communicating With Stakeholders

Make sure you’re consistently communicating effectively with stakeholders. It’s important to ensure they are well informed about what is going on with the business, and to understand your Covid-19 future strategy. There are many platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or social media that make it easy to maintain as much of a face to face relationship as possible while you’re self-isolating. Most importantly, your stakeholders need to see a leader. As the MD, CEO or Director of a business, this is the time where the people working alongside, or for you, need to see clear direction so they can feel confident that they are being led effectively and in the right way. 

3. Keep Growing And Don’t Stagnate

You’re an entrepreneur, so it’s in your blood to keep growing. Look at Covid-19 as an opportunity to maximise your potential and entrepreneurial spirit, and to put your thoughts and ideas down on paper. You wouldn’t stop growing during any other time, so why stop now? Keep focussed and work on your business strategy, plans and goals so that when you’re out of this, you have a strong concept and you’re ready to take your product or service to market.

4. Focus On The Passion

Focus on fuelling your passion. This is my favourite tip because it’s so important for your mindset and outlook. If you’ve been led astray, or have become demotivated with Covid-19, it’s a great chance to focus on the reason and the purpose for setting up your business. Remind yourself why you started this journey in the first place. What was the driving force behind it? I hope that as an entrepreneur your answer should be because you are passionate about it, because that’s the only way you are really going to be successful.  This is a unique time to reflect on all the things that we love, spend time re-invigorating ourselves professionally, but also personally. Spend quality time with your family, but also yourself. Use this period to your advantage to understand yourself better, evaluate your strengths, weaknesses and be honest.

5. Don’t Quit

Please don’t quit. Even though you may be experiencing a business downturn due to the pandemic, just don’t quit. Even though it doesn’t feel like it now, this is a temporary situation and it will end. If you follow tips one to four, tip five should be a natural consequence. Keep going and remember the ability to never give up is what defines you as an entrepreneur. Look at the entrepreneurial heroes of the world like Richard Branson, they didn’t quit regardless of how many setbacks they had. My mantra is work hard, learn always and never quit, and I hope it inspires you to do the same.

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