Authoritative American doctors save critically ill patients with NMN. EZZ brand NMN is recommended by experts

May 11 10:25 2020

As the global epidemic spreads, a case of healing that shook the medical community has broken out in the United States. A seriously ill (dyspnea, body temperature 39.4℃) COVID-19 patient, was treated with oral NMN therapy, after only one night, the patient’s overall immune level increased by 85%, and after 10 days of continuous oral NMN, the new coronary pneumonia test was negative and the patient was successfully discharged from the hospital, giving people confidence to fight the epidemic successfully. Several international medical experts say that people are advised to boost their body’s immunity by taking some NMN supplements. One of them, an immunity flash device developed by the New Zealand gene technology giant – EZZ brand NMN gene energy tablets, has been highly recommended by many industry experts.

“NMN, as a treatment for COVID-19, is in early trials, but due to its ability to reduce inflammatory markers such as Il-6, there is sufficient theoretical support and safety has been validated with clinical phase I and phase II data, and after consultation with patients, this treatment was approved by the hospital,” said Dr. Robert Huyzanja.

“We have specifically designed an NMN application protocol for patients, with NMN as the main agent, to be administered orally along with betaine (betaine), zinc sulfate and sodium chloride solutions,” Dr. Robert Huyzanjia told reporters. “On the second day of administration, the patient’s temperature began to drop; five days later, multiple clinical signs and inflammation-related indicators began to recover; seven days later, signs improved substantially and the patient was allowed to be discharged home and treated with continued medication; ten days later, the new coronavirus test was negative and the inflammation indicators basically returned to normal; thirteen days later, all signs reached a healthy level and there were no abnormalities in the chest X-ray, and the patient has since recovered completely from COVID-19,” said Dr. Robert Huyzanja.

Dr. Robert Huyzanjia said that after the first case of cured patients appeared, Cedars-Sinai Medical, again used NMN therapy on two elderly serious cases, currently according to hospital reports learned that the two patients within 48 hours of the use of NMN therapy, fever, cough, headache symptoms decreased significantly, immunity rose rapidly, is currently in the hospital for observation.

Experts indicate that oral NMN can play an effective role in boosting the body’s immunity, thus replenishing the body’s NAD+ content, greatly enhancing the body’s immunity and resistance, the damage caused by inflammation will also be rapidly reduced, and previously damaged cells will also be repaired, and provide the body with stronger defenses against the invasion of the new crown virus. It is reported that, at present, NMN has become one of the effective programs recommended by global experts to fight the virus.

It is understood that this product is developed by the world famous gene technology brand EZZ, which is jointly developed by the world famous New Zealand Genetic Research Centre and Auckland University of Technology Genetic Research Centre, and has coalesced the world’s latest generation of NMN purification method, and for the first time, the use of compound formula, changing the traditional NMN product poor absorption, active ingredient conversion of the shortcomings of the industry defined as the world’s third generation NMN products.

It is reported that EZZ brand NMN has successfully set a new record of absorption of NMN products in the market with a super efficient absorption rate of up to 98%, becoming the only product in the world to pass the world’s strictest pharmacovigilance bureau certification – Australia TGA certification. Industry experts say that the new generation of NMN products, represented by the EZZ brand NMN, will minimize the virus on the human body in a safe way to help the human race finally overcome the epidemic.

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