Dr. Rimaletta Ray’s “I Am Free To Be The Best of Me!” Hailed As A ‘Blueprint For Self-Transformation’

May 20 19:54 2020

May 20th, 2020 – Dr. Rimaletta Ray is known for her life’s mission to help people self-excel and be language-fit to succeed, both through her speaking and teaching engagements, and, of course, through her rich writing oeuvre. One of her books on the Inspirational Psychology of Self-Ecologyhowever, has left a massive imprint in the self-growth genre, and that book is none other than “I Am Free To Be The Best of Me!.

Part of the holistic paradigm of Dr. Ray’s series of five books  on Self-Resurrection,  presented  by the author in five  philosophic  dimensions,  whose other titles include Soul Refining, (emotional),  Living Intelligence, or the Art of Becoming (mental), Self-Taming (spiritual),  and Beyond the Terrestria (universal), I Am Free To Be The Best of Me! presents the self-creation process in the initial physical dimension described in Dr. Ray’s Holistic Self-Actualization pyramid.

Demonstrating how self-growth is multi-dimensional, I Am Free To Be The Best of Me!  features consequentially the stages of Self-Awareness, Self-Monitoring, Self-Installation, and Self-Realization, allowing readers to begin their journey towards Self-Resurrection, which advances as they read through the series, and is crowned with the teachings laid out in Beyond the Terrestrial.

“We are all suggestible to some degree, and, if we tend to self-suggest love, confidence, kindness, and compassion, we can uplift the spirit and do much more to ourselves than any most well-wishing therapist,” said Dr. Ray. “I Am Free to Be the Best of Me! lays the foundations for such work, offering what I call the “Auto-Suggestive Methodology for The Soul’s Ecology.” It is focused  on programming the conscious brain with the  psychologically  backed up  inspirational auto-suggestive boosters and mind-sets that rhyme. “The rhyming word goes better inward” (Edgar Cayce)

“This process essentially instills in readers’ consciousness the plan of action they need to take in order to help them modify their inner self, making it more motivational, inspirational, and electrifying. This way, they will be able to increase their emotional intelligence; boost their feelings of self-love, and advance in their quest for self-creation and self-installation.”

I Am Free to Be the Best of Me! is available for purchase in paperback on amazon.com, as well at Book Whip.com

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