Ghost White Teeth Whitening System Offers Guaranteed Results with At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

May 21 07:15 2020
Ghost White Teeth Whitening System Offers Guaranteed Results with At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit

May 21, 2020 – Committed to providing safe teeth whitening solutions even in a time of pandemic, Ghost White offers the Ghost White Teeth Whitening System — an at-home teeth whitening kit crafted with cutting-edge dental technology in a bid to deliver fast yet long-lasting results.

“Many of our team members have struggled with lifelong confidence issues owing to poor dental health — in other words, we know what it’s like not to enjoy your own smile,” said the company on their website. With this in mind, they have teamed up with credible dentists and physicians across the United States to perfect their teeth whitening product. The kit includes:

A compact mouthpiece with an LED-activated brightener that is free from any teeth damage risks, and is compatible with iPhone, Android, and USB

Three serum wands that are gentle enough to be used even on caps, veneers, braces, crowns, and bridges

A professional 3D teeth shade guide to help you keep track of your progress in an easy and convenient way

Designed for convenient use, the kit works by applying the serum after brushing the teeth, plugging the LED light into a mobile phone, and putting the mouthpiece in the mouth for 10 to 30 minutes. After use, simply rinse both the mouth and the light. Though the effect can be immediately seen afterward, the product should be used 21 to 30 days in a row for better results.

By delivering fast results that can be achieved even while at home, the kit — which comes with a five-year warranty — helps users avoid dental treatments that are rather time- and effort-consuming.

Highly rated by consumers, another laudable aspect of the Ghost White Teeth Whitening System is its use of proprietary, enamel-safe ingredients. This sets the product apart from other drug store whiteners, which can actually damage the surface of the teeth, erode healthy mineral deposits with continued use over time, and cause other dental concerns including tooth aches and cavities.

Thanks to the at-home whitening kit’s lack of harsh chemical ingredients, it’s not only capable of delivering its main purpose of giving one’s teeth a whiter shade — it further protects the natural mineral deposits in its user’s mouth.

This Ghost White offering works for people with stained teeth caused by smoking, drinking coffee or alcohol, or those who have been taking antibiotics and other medicines for a long period of time. The product also offers a pain-free whitening solution to those who have highly sensitive teeth, and those who are simply not feeling comfortable when smiling.

Apart from safe and quick, guaranteed results, Ghost White’s teeth whitening kit also takes pride in its competitive pricing. With its network of suppliers and dental experts, the company is able to provide teeth whitening solutions that don’t threaten the mouth — and the wallet.

Ghost White Teeth Whitening System

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Ghost White is a US-based company committed to helping dental patients bring back their bright, confident smiles. They offer top-quality dental care products, satisfying customers worldwide with their ease of use, and gentle formula. To know more about them and their products — including their in-demand at-home whitening kit, the Ghost White Teeth Whitening System — visit

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