SOMAVAC® Medical Solutions Announces Commercial Launch of Wearable Post-Surgical Pump and Availability at A Fitting Place

May 25 09:12 2020
SOMAVAC® Medical Solutions Announces Commercial Launch of Wearable Post-Surgical Pump and Availability at A Fitting Place

Memphis, TN – May 25, 2020 – SOMAVAC® Medical Solutions, Inc. today announced the commercial launch of the SOMAVAC® SVS and a partnership with A Fitting Place. SOMAVAC® is the manufacturer of a closed suction, post surgery drain pump. The SOMAVAC® SVS is a low-profile, user-friendly, wearable medical device that applies continuous suction at the end of a surgical drain to remove fluid effectively and reduce the risk of seroma or hematoma. It is the only patient-centric, value-based alternative to the suction bulbs used in closed suction drains.

SOMAVAC® SVS is now available at A Fitting Place, a Memphis-based retailer that has been catering to the needs of women recovering from breast cancer surgery and lymphedema for over 40 years. In addition to serving the unique needs of breast cancer community, A Fitting Place revolutionized the breast prosthetic market in Memphis and surrounding areas. The SOMAVAC® SVS is also available at A Fitting Place for orthopedic, hernia and other surgery patients.  

“When we first became aware of the SOMAVAC® SVS, we immediately saw the potential to serve our customers better and are pleased to be the first partner for this innovative sustained vacuum pump,” said Janet  Scheuner, owner of A Fitting Place. “SOMAVAC shares our commitment to creating an improved, post-surgery experience for breast cancer survivors.”  

Along with prostheses and SOMAVAC® SVS, A Fitting Place also carries prescription compression garments, specialty post-mastectomy bras, and provide care when patients need it the most. 

Unveiled for the first time in conjunction with this collaboration, SOMAVAC® SVS is designed to replace the legacy technology of using suction bulbs with surgical drains, which has seen little innovation or advancements since the manual devices’ introduction in the 1970s. In addition to its health benefits, the SOMAVAC® SVS can be discretely worn under clothing and helps patients return to normal activities while recovering.

“We are incredibly pleased to be partnering with A Fitting Place,” said Esra Roan, CEO, SOMAVAC Medical Solutions. “We are both local to Memphis and share a passion for helping patients during their recovery. Most medical devices reside out of sight on shelves in hospital supply rooms. Through this partnership with A Fitting Place, we empower patients by bringing SOMAVAC into the community to provide a better post-op recovery experience. This also minimizes patient contact, freeing up healthcare resources.”  

Of the more than 800,000 U.S. surgical patients needing suction at the end of the drains annually in general and plastic surgery, approximately 20% experience complicated seromas requiring painful and costly interventions such as aspirations, which add more than a $1 billion burden to the U.S. healthcare system. 

The current standard of care involves manually operated suction systems, such as Jackson-Pratt (JP) or accordion-style devices. They are meant to draw fluid out with the intermittent suction generated by a bulb attached to the end of the drain. Surgical drains are worn by patients anywhere from days to over a month, depending on the self-reported fluid amount removed from the surgical site. The inability of the bulbs to maintain continuous suction is a significant factor in prolonged drain indwelling times increasing opportunities for complications. Bulbs and other manual devices are also fraught with issues such as leakage, clogging, and spillage, and patients struggle to follow instructions, which may lead to inaccurate use of drains.   

The SOMAVAC® SVS is indicated for use in a range of surgeries that involve large surgical flaps requiring drains such as mastectomy, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), cosmetic surgery, hernia surgery, and a number of orthopedic procedures.  

SOMAVAC Medical Solutions is actively pursuing similar partnerships to bring its technology to patients across the country.

About SOMAVAC Medical Solutions, Inc. 

Headquartered in Memphis, TN, SOMAVAC® is a medical device company committed to creating solutions that improve the post-op recovery experience, wherever that may be. SOMAVAC’s flagship system, SOMAVAC® 100, is a powered, compact continuous suction device with a disposable reservoir delivering robust, sustained vacuum to effectively remove fluids and may reduce the risk of seroma. With this device, patients can recover at home with dignity.  

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