Advanced Protection Device Drafted to Assist Dentists in Order to Protect Their Hearing Ability

May 25 22:38 2020
Personalized dental earplugs ameliorate the increasing rates of tinnitus by helping dentists and technicians in the dental profession

May 25, 2020 – The One Dental Hearing Protection Premium Series has been launched by the Big Ear Inc., a company that specializes in the skill of producing products which provide hearing protection. The One dental earplugs were tailored keeping in mind the dentists and dental technicians. They work for long durations and are exposed to loud noises and high-frequency sounds which pose a threat to their hearing ability. There is a dire need for them to be able to hear out their patients and carry on an unobstructed conversation with their colleagues throughout the day. Therefore, the main purpose underlying the custom-built dental earplugs was the provision of hearing protection to the dental professionals. 

Attributable to a number of machineries and devices used in the dental clinics, the dentists put their hearing at a risk. A rapid growth has been observed in the number of dental professional falling prey to tinnitus and hearing loss. This can turn out to be highly bothersome for them as their profession demands vigilance and attentiveness. The One has specifically been tailored in order to meet these needs of the dentists. Its features and personalized design allows the dentists to get rid of loud noises while still being able to communicate with their patients and colleagues all day long.

The One is a set of customized dental earplugs worn by dental professionals while dealing with their patients. These earplugs permit the dentists to hear out their patients clearly and also hear others present in the room. Effective and efficient communication is a key feature ‘The One’ has. A noteworthy difference in The One and other dental earplugs is the feeling that dentists get after wearing and regular usage of the earplugs. The One is light-weighted and does not cause irritation or vexation to the dentist wearing it. It does not cause the dentist to miss out on any detail in a conversation with a patient or a colleague. 

Big Ear’s, The One, functions using two filters. The first in-built filter reduces the sound level that enters the device whereas, the second filter permits natural sound to move through the custom-made dental earplugs. The function of the second filter is to make it possible for the dentist wearing the hearing protection to hear natural sounds until the frequency of that sound is below 85 dB. As soon as the frequency reaches85 dB, the sound is blocked by the second filter in order to protect the ear from any damage caused by the loud sound. This is one of the many ways in which The One provides hearing protection to a dentist’s ear and saves them from suffering from tinnitus and hearing loss.

All day long dentists get to hear low-frequency and high-frequency sounds which impair hearing. The dental professionals must be able to hear patients out all day long with the sounds of drills, suctions and other dental machinery ringing. These custom-made dental earplugs will provide an opportunity to the dentists to block out unwanted, loud sounds and safeguard their hearing.

The One Premium Series comes along with a set of four filters, one set of silicon full stop earplugs, one set of lanyard plugs, and one tactical piece for in office communication. It also has one lanyardand one premium case. 

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