House For Living, Home For Life, and Being Comfortable Forever

May 25 20:28 2020
House For Living, Home For Life, and Being Comfortable Forever

Carla Berezowski, Owner of Alberta Indoor Comfort
Calgary Home Services Experts diversified to help seniors adapt their family homes to thrive in them forever

by Jim Kedge

CALGARY, AB – The family home is more than just a place to live. For many people, their home is the source and location of some of their best memories. Parents remember the exact places their kids took their first steps, or had their picture awkwardly taken with their first date. Kids remember the games of hide-and-seek they used to play together in the backyard or the sense of accomplishment and fear they had pulling out of the driveway to head off to University for their first year away. The family home is often a place filled with nostalgic images of laughter, tears, meals, games, sickness, and coming together in the face of adversity.

With everything the family home means, it’s no wonder the majority of us strive to own one, and that nearly 90 percent of seniors don’t want to ever leave their homes. Even though the physical stresses of maintaining and maneuvering through a family home increase with age, most people who reach fifty say they want to live in their current homes after they retire. Rather than being placed in a retirement facility, most people want to be in the familiar community they have known and felt safe in for years. This is especially true considering what the first half of 2020 brought to us (combined with the cost of living in shared facilities).

Carla Berezowski, and her team at Alberta Indoor Comfort, knows how important the home is to clients. “We work with all sorts of clients to make their homes safer and more comfortable,” Berezowski explains, “and our older clients hold a very special place in our hearts; they remind us of our parents.” There are specific concerns that come along with aging and living alone that most companies are not aware of or equipped to handle. Many people don’t think of their homes as dangerous places, yet as they age, things from stairs to loose floorboards and uneven surfaces can cause significant concern if not addressed properly.

Carla is Canada’s authority and a long term Certified Aging in Place Specialist, as well as the only licensed CAPS trainer in the region. The entire team benefits from Carla’s expertise. “We train all members of our team to work with seniors and the vulnerable to provide them with unique solutions to enhance their safety, security and comfort, giving them peace of mind; after all, everyone has their unique perspective on risk tolerance and comfort,” states Berezowski. “There is no other company like us in Calgary and the surrounding region.”

Not only does Alberta Indoor Comfort focus on seniors, but they also help families of all ages create a safe and comfortable space. “Our company supports families of all ages because each of our staff is someone with kids or aging parents; many of us are the sandwich generation, raising kids and supporting our deserving parents,” says Berezowski. “We understand the specific challenges everyone faces and work with every client to develop solutions that are most appropriate to their unique lives.”  To clarify, Alberta Indoor Comfort is not a home care provider, it is a home services company that looks after your total home. Alberta Indoor Comfort also works closely with leading home care providers and occupational therapists to ensure their clients overall needs are met.

After having represented Sears for many years, Alberta Indoor Comfort earned client ‘trust and loyalty,’ especially through supporting them with heating, cooling and air quality services. “The Sears departure provided us the opportunity to combine our other home services to become Alberta Indoor Comfort”, says Carla, “which includes aging in place renovations, in-home technology, plumbing and electrical services”.

“Understanding today’s world demands more from everyone, and our clients have less time to attend to their home, Alberta Indoor Comfort continues to expand our trusted services to allow clients to rely on us for their total home, from roofs and gutters to appliance repair, to basement flooring and beyond, a true single stop home services provider.”

Lastly, Carla says: “Our clients’ time is precious, so why should they waste it screening new contractors for each additional service?”

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