Energy Products Company Introduces Their Orbit Ball Valve Using Alf G. Heggem’s Ideas

June 03 13:26 2020
Energy Products Company Introduces Their Orbit Ball Valve Using Alf G. Heggem’s Ideas
The Orbit Ball Valve by Energy Products Company builds on the ideas conceived initially by Alf G. Heggem over 50 years ago.

The Orbit Ball Valve is not your ordinary valve. It is a special valve that has been created by ideas originally conceived by Alf G. Heggem during his time working for the US Bureau of Mines. The Orbit Ball Valve uses ball valve seating technology which was patented back in 1935, and at that time it was considered by many experts as being the first significant advancement in the valves industry for over 50 years. 

After almost 80 years, the same technology is being used to safeguard against an issue called seat rubbing. It is for this reason that orbit ball valves are world-renowned for their long service life and excellent integrity. Cameron (who has owned ORBIT since 1998), now mainly sells these valves to gas processing plants that use molecular sieves. Almost 88% of the company’s clients are LNG facilities across the world.

ORBIT valves are also used in gathering, transportation, processing, production and exploration. The unique tilt and turn design help to eliminate the issue of seat rubbing and in turn, help it withstand very high temperatures. That’s why the valves can easily be used in harsh conditions, making them some of the most sought after valves for the petrochemical, gas and oil industry.

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The ORBIT ball valve is considered the gold standard in the valves industry. It has a reputation for being extremely durable, and thus providing businesses the highest return for their investment. Furthermore, the technology has over the past eight decades been consistently honed, which makes it more reliable than any other out there.

It is one of the most highly sought-after valves in the oil and gas industry. Most of Energy Products Company’s clients are in the oil and gas industry because of the valve’s ability to perform reliably in the harshest of conditions.

Energy Products Company is one of the leading sellers of top-quality valves catering to a myriad of industries. The Orbit Ball Valve is one of the many products they deal in.

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