The Joel Bieber Firm Introduces Motorcycle Accident Representation in Richmond

June 05 05:20 2020
The Joel Bieber Firm Introduces Motorcycle Accident Representation in Richmond
The Joel Bieber Firm has introduced new legal counsel services for clients who have sustained injuries as a result of motorcycle accidents. The Firm notes that the country’s increasingly congested public roadways have left motorcycle operators, in addition to their passengers, at a greater risk than ever to be involved in a collision with potentially fatal consequences.

Richmond, VA – The Joel Bieber Firm wants motorcycle operators to know that more than 70,000 motorcyclists are injured every year in motorcycle accidents, and many go on to die due to complications from the accidents. If motorcyclists and other motorists adopted a few basic precautions, this number could be significantly reduced.

Passenger vehicles should be more focused on leaving the same amount of space for passing and following motorcyclists as they would for other vehicles of their own size, and that car, truck, van, and SUV drivers need to consider the motorcycle’s limitations during inclement weather or altering road conditions. The Richmond car accident lawyer states that safety of public roadways is up to each and every driver, and motorists maintain joint responsibility to respect and not endanger the vehicles with whom they share the road – whether they be cars and trucks, or motorcycles.

The Joel Bieber Firm has introduced these services in order to protect motorcyclists who do not receive adequate treatment on the roadways. Motorists do not always provide them the space they need when passing, or the leeway they need during changing road conditions, and as a result are more prone to sustaining injuries. For these reasons, the Richmond personal injury attorney says motorcyclists need more protection in the courtroom, just as they do on the road.

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