An Interview With Momar Sakanoko, The Basketball Star Turned Entrepreneur and Founder of the Be Great Company

July 07 18:26 2020

Momar Sakanoko is a young and successful entrepreneur, who’s the founder and CEO of the ‘Be Great Company’ a global firm that focuses on marketing, branding, entertainment and management of some of the best talents around the world. Momar is also known as an e-commerce expert who creates training programs and courses to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. He’s also invested in several real estate projects.

Hello Momar, could you please tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? what’s your story?

I’m born in Paris, France where I grew up. Growing up I was playing soccer and was really good at it, but my sister was playing basketball. So one day I went to a practice and I fell in love with it. I started playing and became really good at it. Couple years later people started to recognize my talent, and a lot of opportunities came. I had the opportunity to play for one of the best high schools in the United States “Wesley Christian”, playing in the states has always been a dream of mine so I didn’t hesitate when the opportunity presented itself.

After graduating I had a lot of options on playing college basketball but my goal was to play professionally so I decided to skip college and go pro.

I played my rookie season for Brno basket, but it wasn’t a really good experience for me, just after I went I argentina play in ´LaLiga for the club of bahia basket which was a wonderful experience, to play for Sepo Ginóbili and the owner Pepe Sanchez who are Big names in the basketball world was really a great experience and I had a great season while I was there. Right after I came back to play in Europe, but a lot of things happened, so I had to stop playing and end my basketball career at a really young age. 

Not bad because just after I started the ‘Be Great Company’, started to invest in real estate, and also built some E-commerce ventures.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur instead of choosing conventional corporate jobs?

Since I was little, I wanted to create and give back to others. I like to take risks, I feel like that’s how I’ve been raised.  

When did you begin with your entrepreneurial journey establishing the ‘Be Great Company’?

Right after I ended my basketball career, I didn’t waste time. I build a team of ambitious guys, and that’s when the ‘Be Great Company’ has begun. 

What gave you confidence to be doing business at a very young age? 

I always had that confidence in me, since I was playing ball to now being an entrepreneur, I feel like nothing can stop me but me.

In your opinion what makes your business venture a unique one? How are you making it stand out?

The way I approach things, my vision is different. The way that I invest in the ‘Be Great Company’, the energy that I have working with my talents or any other  clients I feel like no one else does that. 

Could you please tell us about your future plans? Where’s your company headed from here?

Making the ‘Be Great Company’ more influential and making it the best agency in the world. Also keep helping people growing their E-commerce businesses and guide people who want to  invest in real estate. 

What other projects are you working on at the moment?

I’m an E-commerce expert, and I’m also investing in real estate. I also prepare training programs and courses to help young entrepreneurs like me to succeed. 

Being a successful sports person who has played in different countries, what advice would you give to aspiring youngsters who wish to get into sports?

Believe in your dreams, no matter what happens just keep pushing and work hard.

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