The Single Biggest Day in Pokemon Card Selling/Viewing History is Friday 10/9

October 09 02:00 2020

Two of the biggest events in Pokemon Card history are happening Friday Night!

The first event is the sale of the single most expensive 1st edition Pokemon Card ever – the First edition PSA graded 10 Charizard which is currently in Iconic Auctions!

The bid is currently at $125,545 as it stands with anticipation of $150,000 + for that card alone! The other two starter pokemon are being auctioned as well in Blastoise (30K + estimate) & Venusaur (20K + estimate) with links to each, including Charizard below. 

The second event is Logan Paul will be opening the most expensive Pokemon box ever purchased (200k) on Friday night which will be a huge gamble essentially to see if he lands a Charizard!

Charizard –

Here’s a part of the description of the 150k card

“For many the journey started digitally, in your hands with a screen on Gameboy in 1998, shortly followed was a craze among youths that has not been seen to this day as Pokemon cards were born. Brought from the “Digital World” to the “Real World” for the first time, the frenzy was in full effect in the form of cardboard. First edition cards hit the stores and sold out almost instantly, for many card store owners who recently saw sports cards tank, it was what most thought was a nice trend. It was much more than that, Pokemon cards became the first form of value for many as kids. Trading and barter at the lunch table, with one main objective of fans, how to get a first edition Zard. To this day that chase continues for many, but can end with the click of a button, the same way the whole adventure started in 1998 on a comforting black & white Gameboy screen.”

Blastoise –

Venusaur –

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