Lira Clinical Releases MYSTIQ Infused C with CBD for Power Entourage Skin Recovery, Brightening, and Healing

November 02 20:06 2020
After two years in development, Lira Clinical introduces a THC-free skincare product based on clinical cannabidiol to calm, smooth, and stabilize all skin types.

Dublin, CA, USA – Nov 2, 2020 – Lira Clinical, the global leader in skin brightening, today introduced its latest skincare formulation, MYSTIQ Infused C, a terpene-rich MASQ-tech™ product that uses clinical cannabidiol (CBD) to restore natural, healthy skin functions. The newest Lira Clinical skin care product has already been demonstrated to be effective in lessening age spots and soothing, strengthening, and restoring any skin type.

MYSTIQ Infused C is rich in terpenes (Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Linalool, D-Limonene), which have natural skin-friendly healing properties. Pairing terpenes with CBD yields substantial dermatological benefits and creates what clinical researchers have named, “The Entourage Effect.” Lira Clinical’s new Power Entourage combines its terpene-rich MASQ-tech™ with clinical cannabidiol (CBD), lipid-soluble vitamin C, and antioxidant enhancing glutathione to promote healthy skin cell structure, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the skin’s immune response.

MYSTIQ Infused C utilizes organic hemp-extracted cannabidiol and contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can irritate acne. What makes MYSTIQ Infused C so effective is the intentional combination of functional ingredients, including Omegalight®, a skin brightening omega fatty acid. CBD requires an omega fatty acid for optimal communication with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Omegalight® acts as a communication conductor for the receptors within ECS. Without Omegalight® CBD’s messages of reducing inflammation, evening skin tone and strengthening skin structure would not be received.

There is still a lot of consumer confusion regarding the clinical efficacy of CBD for skincare. Clinical cannabidiol is a powerhouse ingredient when used for skincare and with MYSTIQ Infused C, Lira Clinical has created a multi-functional, clinical CBD/vitamin C formulation that hydrates, brightens, and offers incredible anti-aging skin properties. Lira Clinical’s unique Power Entourage is the result of the latest skin science advancements to help shorten recovery time, repair damage, and restore healthy skin.

MYSTIQ Infused C has been clinically demonstrated to offer a variety of dermatological benefits:

Anti-inflammatory terpene/CBD combination soothes the skin.
Evens skin tone, regulating melanocyte activity and suppressing sporadic pigmentation.
Healthy cell turnover promotes healthier skin and expedites repair.
Collagen synthesis is increased by as much as 50 percent, stimulating hydration, brightening, and clarifying.
Antioxidants defend against free damage.
Strengthens defenses by balancing the skin’s protective microbiome, the barrier function is strengthened, fortified and ready to fight off aggressive aging agents.
Balances hydration by harmonizing the natural homeostatic hydration; ideal for dry, oily, or normal skin.
Efficient delivery for maximum, immediate results.
Universal recovery is beneficial to all skin types and conditions.

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Lira Clinical is the global leader in skin brightening and corrective skin care. Founded by four passionate aesthetic professionals who wanted to disrupt and design the next level of skincare with their unique expertise and think-tank philosophy. Lira Clinical believes that healthy and bright skin is the foundation for beautiful skin. Their award-winning formulas effectively combine the power of science and nature to deliver results-driven products and treatments. Continually on the cutting edge of aesthetic technology, Lira Clinical strives to deliver skincare for you to “Be Bright. Be Beautiful.”

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