Yahweh’s Dance Ministry Pulls People Closer to God with Special Liturgical Dancing Classes

November 04 01:04 2020
Yahweh's Dance Ministry Pulls People Closer to God with Special Liturgical Dancing Classes

Yahweh’s Dance Ministry is located in Damascus, MD. Through worship, praise, and dance, people are learning to develop their own personal relationship with God. Now with their special forms of teaching, the dancers of Yahweh’s Dance Ministry are ready to take things to the next level.

At this ministry, students can learn how to minister to the lord through their bodies as they dance. There are many inner and social issues that Yahweh’s Dance Ministry is helping their students deal with through the art of dance.

Yahweh is often interpreted to mean bring into existence whatever exists. The dancers at this ministry bring God into existence through their art. They show worship for their savior while finding guidance for tackling deeper social issues. Through dance, they are able to learn new ways to deal with their emotional battles and become better people outside of the ministry.

Yahweh’s Dance Ministry: Take Dancing To The Next Level

Yahweh’s Dance Ministry is a place for people of all ages to establish their relationship with God through the art of dance, music, and stage production. They focus on all sorts of different styles of dance so every dancer has the potential to shine. This isn’t a typical Liturgical Dance School. At Yahweh’s Dance Ministry, members can learn:

• Liturgical Dance

• Hip Hop

• Choreography

• Broadway Style

The options of dance style aren’t limited at this ministry. God appreciates various forms of art and the different talents each dancer has. At this school, dancers can further explore their talents as they become closer to God.

Dancing has always been seen as a spiritual activity and is often used as a way to praise the Lord. This is why dancing is the preferred method of art for reaching out to God. It is easier for Him to feel people’s emotions through their dance as He helps them deal with their battles.

The Presence’s Of Yahweh’s Dance Ministry

People in the Damascus, MD area can now be a part of this amazing movement. The special forms of teaching taught at Yahweh’s Dance Ministry are helping people from all over the area become closer to God. They can have fun and explore their talents at one of the choreography classes while meeting new people.

For more information about Yahweh’s Dance Ministry, send them an email at [email protected] or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pg/The-Presences-Of-Yahwehs-Dance-Ministry

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