What Are The Characteristics Of Door Locks Of Different Materials

November 04 06:30 2020
What Are The Characteristics Of Door Locks Of Different Materials
Door locks can be seen everywhere in people’s daily life and office. what are the characteristics of door locks of various materials? Follow the editor below to continue looking down.

What are the characteristics of door locks of various materials?

1. Zinc alloy door lock

Zinc alloy door locks are one of the most sought after on the market. Most of the door locks of this material are installed on bedroom doors. They are diverse in styles and beautiful in appearance. In addition, the popularity of electroplating technology makes up for the defect that zinc alloys are easy to fade. In addition, the zinc alloy itself has a relatively high metal density, and the door locks made are of sufficient weight and high-grade.

2. Stainless steel door lock

Stainless steel door lock is also a very common door lock in life. It has the characteristics of high hardness, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, fire resistance, and impact resistance. In many cases, it is made into bathroom door locks or fire door locks. In addition, stainless steel door locks are also commonly used in engineering projects. Compared with other materials, the manufacturing process is simpler, bulk shipments, and long service life.

3. Space aluminum door lock

Space aluminum door locks are also called aluminum alloy door locks. Compared with other materials, door locks of this material have a low price and are favored by many consumers. However, space aluminum door locks are not easy to be electroplated, so they have a long service life. Compared with zinc alloy, there is a certain gap in styling.

4. Pure copper door lock

Pure copper door locks are relatively expensive compared to other materials. Pure copper door locks are generally installed on villa doors or high-end hotel clubs. In addition to the high price, pure copper door locks are also undoubted in quality. They can be made into various exquisite shapes and have a service life of more than ten years.

To sum up:

The above is the introduction of “What are the characteristics of door locks of various materials?” From this, people can know that door locks of different materials have different characteristics, and the use environment is also different. When customer choose, they should know the role of the door lock according to the actual situation.

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