Planning a Staycation with Imagine Backyard Living

November 13 08:36 2020
Instead of traveling far and wide, homeowners can kick back and relax in the comfort of their homes and backyards. With the right layout, design and backyard essentials, a resort-style vacation within the means of a person’s home is possible. This is known as none other than a staycation.

Creating the Perfect Backyard

The right backyard space is essential to any staycation. During these uncertain times, having a safe space to relax is more important that ever before. Not to mention that the addition of a backyard oasis and spa installation can limit the need to travel for a vacation.

Homeowners should first take their lifestyle, budget and current backyard layout into consideration before starting a backyard renovation or installing a spa. All of these factors can have an impact on the direction that they choose to move forward with. The backyard design plan may include a deck and patio area, fire features, lounge area, outdoor furniture, and/or a hot tub.

Whether their backyard dreams consist of an outdoor hot tub, swim spa and BBQ, or a complete outdoor kitchen, dining and lounge area, proper planning is essential to the end result. Taking time to plan before getting started is essential, to ensure that the project will come together properly.

Planning a Staycation

Once the backyard has been renovated and improved to the homeowner’s liking, they can begin to plan their staycation. A staycation can help to relax, relieve stress, spend more time with family, and enjoy more time outdoors. Especially with help from an updated backyard space.

Schedule the Staycation

Just like a traditional vacation, booking time away from work and other obligations is the first step. Coordinating child may also contribute to the overall experience.

Gather Supplies

Local grocery, home and department stores are often stocked with the supplies needed for a staycation. These essentials could include a combination of healthy food and drink options, candles, body care items, new towels or a blanket, slippers, and any other self-care products.

For those who plan to use an outdoor hot tub throughout their staycation, stopping at a local spa store offers the chance to replenish water care products and find a fun accessory or two.

Plan an Itinerary

An itinerary can help to ensure that time is well spent. It can be as full or detailed as needed, so long as it helps with time management. The last thing anybody want to do is housework during their staycation, which is exactly what an itinerary can help prevent.

Maximizing Hot Tub Time

Hydrotherapy can help to ease aches and pains, reduce stress, improve sleep patterns, and boost energy levels, along with many other benefits. While on staycation, soaking twice a day for at least 15 minutes each time is recommended.

Maximizing time spent in the hot tub can be as easy as reading a book, enjoying the outdoors or watching a movie. It all comes down to what helps a person to relax.

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