First Class PT Hosts Special Pandemic Virtual Workouts

November 18 23:42 2020
First Class PT in Toronto is changing its approach to PT in the wake of the global pandemic and has created special virtual workouts for its clients.

First Class PT in Toronto is changing its approach to PT in the wake of the global pandemic and has created special virtual workouts for its clients.

The 60-minute sessions have been designed especially for First Class PT’s personal trainers to keep their clients fit and healthy, even if they can’t or are uncomfortable about doing their usual face to face training.

First Class PT has a team of 11 experienced trainers who help clients to reach their fitness goals through tailored programs and now those programs can be delivered virtually using Zoom or Skype.

A spokeswoman for First Class PT said: “All businesses have had to move with the times and we have seen that it is really easy for people to turn to food or alcohol to help comfort them through this pandemic. That ruins all of the hard work they have put in through their pre pandemic workouts and regimes.

“By creating virtual sessions we can help our clients get fitter and healthier, or at least keep on top of things, during these challenging times.

“We have designed special programs that can be delivered by our team remotely, but of course they will be tailored to each individual client. What we do is all focused around individuals as everyone has different fitness goals.

“The new virtual sessions have nutrition, resistance, cardiovascular and flexibility components to them to ensure our clients are getting a fully rounded fitness program.

“This style of workout has been a huge success so far and it means that people don’t have to worry about feeling uncomfortable around others at a time when we just don’t know who has the virus or who doesn’t. And these sessions have really helped to stop our clients from drifting into a routine of eating badly and drinking too much alcohol.

“We will keep these sessions going for as long as our clients feel they want them,” she added.

First Class PT offers a range of approaches to fitness for its clients. There are in-house fitness sessions, customized nutrition programs, group training, youth training, workouts specially for seniors, fitness sessions for people with MS and special rehabilitation sessions for those who are recovering from musculoskeletal issues.

First Class PT was set up 15 years ago and aimed to help people live the best lives they could live through better nutrition and fitness. The company prides itself on creating safe, effective and realistic programs to help their clients achieve their fitness goals around their current commitments.

If people want a personal trainer to go to them, Fitness First PTs will travel to Toronto, Richmond Hill, Markham, North York, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough, Thornhill, Vaughan and Brampton.

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First Class PT was founded in 2005 and now provides PT services for people in Toronto and its surrounding areas. The company creates personalized health and fitness programs for its clients, including one-on-one home sessions, group training, seniors, young people and training sessions for people with specific health conditions.

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