Santiago Based Musician And Producer Patiotic Releases New Album “Close To You”

December 03 09:09 2020

Santiago, Chile – When it comes to relaxing vibes, Patiotic can deliver. The music has beautiful female vocals attached to it as well, adding audio interest.

Patiotic has been in the spotlight before. Their last album “Close to You” has received acclaim. It’s all about the downtempo and electronic mix for these artists. They are edging closer and closer to superstardom with their every move.

Patiotic has recently reached the charts of iTunes in Mexico, Germany, France, and Sweden. Their single “Island Dreams” is especially a hit. It got to the Top Ten for R&B/soul music in Sweden.

This artist is very creative and likes to collaborate with other artists. For example, the female vocals belong to artists like Nicole Carino. All in all, it makes for a wonderful, elaborate track that one could listen to relaxing or at a club.

The music has a bit of an Ibiza feel to it. It also has the lounge and chill aspect. A lot of people will like this familiar fusion as it has not become too experimental. It’s all still very mainstream and one could even imagine it being picked up further by radio stations.

When someone want to listen to something that is not Top Ten Pop, then this is the place to go. Patiotic is constantly putting out new music as well. The album “Close to You” is bright and poignant. It got a rave review from M Sol Records. They said, ‘Close To You’ brings deeps, but also positive vibes taking the listener to a different, colorful realm!”

This is high praise from a record label. It can be transcribed though to the music easily. A lay person would feel the same way listening to the songs.

One will find that the investment in this music is worth it. Patiotic always likes to do something new, so listener get a fresh take with each track.

All in all, the vibe is magical and majestic, but that’s to be expected when one get a lot of talented people together to do music. This definitely proves that a collaboration can produce even better results that just one person going at it alone.

That’s why one often see lists of people on the tracks. For example, “I Need You Now” is a song where Freddie Alva, Tiger Darrow, and Patiotic all worked together. It’s an exciting way to do music.

On Spotify, one can listen to the tracks such as “Timeless,” “Should I Know,” “I Need You Now,” “Island Dreams,” and “Don’t Remind Me.” They are all worth listening to.

One will find that Patiotic is a symbiotic fusion of creative minds coming together. Patiotic is talented himself though in his own right, and that’s why this just works.


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