Young entrepreneur and influencer Modey or yoitsmodey makes waves in fashion, branding through PocketStarCo

April 27 11:00 2021

Young influencer and successful businessman Muad Elghanai, better known as “Modey,” continues to make waves in brand development and fashion. 

The 19-year-old entrepreneur, who runs businesses with his brother Taha Elghanai @pur3taha, said enthusiasm, energy, and passion kept him pushing harder in life. 

“Once entrepreneurship entered my mind, I didn’t write it off as a pipe dream. I worked hard to achieve that,” Modey said in an interview. 

Modey @yoitsmodey grew up as a first-generation Libyan in Everett, Washington, until the age of 19, where he moved to Los Angeles, California, with his older brother Taha.

His entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 16 when he served as Chief Marketing Officer at PocketStarCo, a brand created by Taha in 2017.

PocketStarCo is a clothing brand that features celebrities cartooned on the pocket, hence the name “PocketStar.” 

Modey was the executive officer of PocketstarCo’s design team, manufacturing, social media management, content creation, and graphic design. 

Despite all the responsibility at a young age, Modey quickly rose to the challenge.

The company’s first significant collaboration was with rapper XXXTentacion. 

“He wore the product with his face on it and ended up endorsing the XXXTentacion PocketStar shirt as a part of his official tour merchandise,” Modey pointed out. 

XXXTentacion’s endorsement led PocketStar to success quicker than ever imagined. 

“We ended up doing the same thing for Tory Lanez, and eventually, Post Malone,” he said.

Post Malone endorsed the brand in 2018, allowing the PocketPost T-shirt to become available as a part of his tour merchandise fleet.

Modey and Taha also secured collaborations with A-list celebrities such as PartyNextDoor, Dani Leigh, Roddy Rich, Dom Kennedy, Wav3pop, and many more artists throughout their short time in the music industry.

In October 2020, Modey moved to Los Angeles to meet up with his older brother and run Pocketstarco from its headquarters.

With consistency and creativity, Modey began to gain traction on Instagram. His account @yoitsmodey amassed over 55,000 followers in eight months. 

“The key to social media progress is developing a community and constantly networking with the people who interact and follow your page,” Modey explained. 

Modey shared three creative principles that Instagram creators should religiously do to stand out on the social media platform aggressively.

“My page has a distinct visual presence — known to make content distinct and easily recognizable for the community. The page also tells a story that supports my business goal in PocketStar and Pur3branding,” he narrated.

The most important thing, Modey advised, is incorporating creativity, love, and well-crafted ideas into Instagram content. 

After the success of PocketStar, Modey and his older brother were able to put up another business which they touted as “the most beneficial and productive business yet.”

The two created a branding agency called Pur3branding, a platform that takes care of all customers’ branding needs — from designing fashion products to getting them produced hand-made in Los Angeles. The agency also takes on website building tasks and marketing campaigns. 

Pur3branding runs an entire operation in-house in LA for all manufacturing needs, cut and sow products, sublimation, and more. 

In 2021, Pur3branding began developing over 18 brands, with Modey and Taha earning massive praises in the fashion design industry.

Modey said he and his brother envision a life that is not just filled with money but also a sense of purpose, as he expressed their goal to create a better world for the people of Benghazi, Libya.  

Modey’s followers could follow him on Instagram via @yoitsmodey and his brands at @pocketstarco and @pur3branding. 

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