Mikieda Franklin-Williamson Elevates Fashion with Poshe Fashions

April 27 22:24 2021

Mikieda Franklin-Williamson is helping women look and feel their best with her fashion line, Poshe (pronounced Posh), but it is her backstory that truly is an inspiration. Poshe started off after Mikieda’s swimsuit line had to pivot due to the economic crash of 2008.  As a designer, she started off wearing fashion and embracing her love of it through pageants as a little girl in Guyana, located in South America. As her love of pageants grew, her taste for bold, refined and beautiful fashion did, too.

“I started designing out of my own need. I was involved in a pageant and couldn’t find a swimsuit to meet my taste. I designed my own and I won the best swimsuit category. Then, the demands for the design came in. Friends, family and others starting asking me to make swimsuits for them. I did and called the line ItsyBitsy Swimsuits. It took off and my involvement in the fashion industry went from modeling to designing, said Mikieda Franklin-Williamson.

ItsyBitsy was successful but like many businesses in 2008, it had to find a new niche and survive a reinvention. Elements of ItsyBitsy were redeveloped with Mikieda’s new cline, Poshe. Now, everything from accessories to jumpsuits and evening dresses are sold and most of the work is created in America as a way to strengthen the economy and keep jobs within the country.

“I love America and we want the fashion line to respect the land of opportunity by giving back through employment and contracting within the country.  The designs are amazing and how I am operating Poshe, as well as the demand for the items we sell, is already doing well. I learned a lot when I launched ItsyBitsy and that experience has helped mold and shape Poshe,’ finished Mikieda.

Fashion is still thriving, even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mikieda Franklin-Williamson is available to discuss her background in pageants and as a designer, as well as the products she sells with Poshe, to well-qualified members of the media.  More on the company, as well as samples of the products, can be obtained by utilizing the contact information below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Poshe Fashions
Contact Person: Mikieda Franklin-Williamson
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Country: United States
Website: www.shopposhe.com