To realize the industrialized production of nanofibers, Hebei enterprises independently develop high-efficiency static electricity spinning equipment

January 11 02:02 2022

“In the past, China imported a European nanofiber mass production equipment needs 20 million, now with the first generation of nanofiber mass production equipment produced by Hebei Nainuo, it can completely replace foreign imports, greatly reducing production costs. In recent years, Nainuo technology broke through the technology restrictions from foreign countries, to achieve the core technology controlling independently, on the basis of the first generation, independent research and development of the second generation of nanofiber mass production equipment in 2021, to achieve the mass production of nanofiber transforming film independently…” the product promotion director Lv Dawei of Hebei Nainuo Technology Co., Ltd. told reporters that this technology in the energy, environment, intelligent wearable, security and protection, biomedicine, food, packaging and other areas of application prospects, is the country clearly put forward strategic science and technology innovation direction and focus.

Hebei Nainuo Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2017, specializing in electrostatic spinning nanomaterials and production equipment, raw materials, production process, other research and development, production and sales as well as technical services. In 2019, Chinese Academy of Sciences academician workstation was established. Currently, there are more than 30 technical personnel with senior titles and doctoral degrees, and more than 50 patents, including 10 invention patents.

Over the years, NANO Technology is undaunted by difficulties, in-depth cutting-edge research, actively seize the high ground of science and technology, and strive to be the pioneer of science and technology. Hebei Nainuo independently developed the second generation of nanofibre mass production equipment in 2021, to achieve the mass production of nanofiber transforming film independently, to complete the upgrade of the industrial production of nanofibre, significantly improve the quality and production efficiency and achieve the lowest cost. According to the information collected at home and abroad, there is no institution that has developed independent film-forming technology equipment for mass production of nanofiber membrane.

Promotion manager Lv Dawei said that we can provide a series of Nainuo Technology’s first and second generation electrostatic spinning equipment from laboratory to mass production, and can give guidance in various aspects such as raw material selection, solution preparation and ratio optimisation, guide the direction of application, supply various types of nanofibre design solutions, and guide the configuration of experimental equipment and accessories. We can also provide you with plant layouts, professional technical guidance and training, and a complete after-sales service, so that customs can build a stable, mass-produced production plant within a short period of time.

With its continuous efforts, Nainuo will realize its wish of “creating science and technology for the benefit of mankind” and strive to promote its technological achievements to the world, so that the world can feel the impact of technological innovation brought by the new generation of Chinese entrepreneurs and make greater contributions to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

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