The Law Firm of Chad Nolan Horowitz Discusses Most Frequent Injury in Car Accidents

January 14 00:12 2022
The Law Firm of Chad Nolan Horowitz Discusses Most Frequent Injury in Car Accidents
Whether a Florida resident gets hit by a distracted driver or other intoxicated driver, the result can be a disastrous personal injury. The Law Offices of Chad Nolan Horowitz explains to the residents of the Boynton Beach area what often happens when you are hit by another car.

Boynton Beach, FL – With improved safety devices these days, many people can walk away from a car accident.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

The Law Office of Chad Nolan Horowitz is the car accident attorney Boynton Beach residents need when they suffer an injury. Attorney Horowitz has won compensation for thousands of car accident victims over the years.  With this experience level, Boynton Beach residents will have an attorney who knows what he is doing.

The personal injury attorneys in Boynton Beach advise that the number one injury in car accidents is a traumatic brain injury.  It’s sometimes hard to see this injury right away – it may take days for a brain injury to show up.  When drivers are in a car, their entire body moves at the same speed as the car.  When that car comes to a sudden stop, the brain keeps traveling at that speed and crashes into the skull.  

The force of the brain hitting the skull can cause many medical problems.  If the skull is also fractured, that only adds to the medical problems.  Victims may need surgery and end up in intensive care for prolonged periods. It’s vitally important to have an accomplished car accident attorney in Boynton Beach.

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Law Offices of Chad Allen Horowitz specializes in car accident law and handles all other kinds of personal injury claims.  He has helped thousands of Florida residents win compensation for their injuries in car and truck accidents, dog bites, premises liability claims, and other kinds of personal injury.

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