Follow Erica as she searches for a ray of hope in the midst of a never-ending nightmare.

January 14 15:46 2022

A fifteen-year-old girl experiences the challenges of being a newcomer in an unknown environment after relocating to Leavenworth, Wa., a small town with just one high school and little social life. Her parents’ divorce has left the family devastated and in financial straits. Her mother frequently misses owing to work and her father struggling with his own instability and addiction issues, Erica Tambo has few opportunities or sources of support, save for a few acquaintances she meets.

Susan Johnson, the author, offers an immersive experience that transports the reader to the early 1980s. Many allusions in this compelling and engaging novel make one feel as if they are there or at least experiencing all of these events through the eyes of the protagonist. The shrewd attention to detail allows for strong character development.

Susan’s lead experiences love and loss and discover herself at the conclusion of the novel. Despite the odds, she perseveres, finding resilience and hope since better things come with time. This novel will not disappoint readers who appreciate reading about characters who overcome difficulties by discovering their inner power through unanticipated circumstances or serendipity.

“Low Hanging Fruit” is a heartfelt, thought-provoking tale that is easy to read. It is certain to leave the reader feeling happy and appreciative of what they have. With each chapter, the author’s emotive narrative of how, even when things don’t go as planned, one may still find joy in life, even in the face of great difficulties. There are other times when the tension rises, culminating in a surprisingly uplifting conclusion. So, if this seems like something you’d enjoy, go ahead and get a copy from Kindle, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble’s online shop now.

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