Meet Baller88, The Perfect Combination Of Esports And Blockchain

September 27 12:18 2019

Although Baller88 is one of the newer players in the esports gaming industry, it has chosen a unique way to operate in order to stand out from the crowd. Through the utilization of blockchain technology, Baller88 has created its own platform token: BALLR.

BALLR is a utility token that can be used on the platform to gain additional bonus credits when using the gaming platform and enjoy various advantages and perks. Users of BALLRs will enjoy bonus credit when they fund into the platform and play using BALLR. They will get access to exclusive in-game items, live streams or event launches.

Users can also stake BALLR with content creators such as live streamers or game bloggers, giving them more capacity to create stronger content, leading to even stronger traction and revenue for the creator. In exchange, Baller members receives exclusive content and benefits from these creators.  

“Video content creators need to find more sources of income as most of whom don’t boast the same numbers as the top esports professionals and Youtubers. Pewdiepie made headlines for joining live streaming platform Dlive, which accepts cryptocurrencies such as BCH and ETH for purchasing its native tokens. We believe this move will make more content creators to seek out alternative platforms such as BALLER88,” Shirley Earle, CMO of Baller88 analyzes.

Members of the platform are also able to stake their BALLR with the company, Baller88 itself. This aims to increase the demand for the tokens and lead to an increase in value for it in the medium term.

‘We started to think about how we could build our entire platform on blockchain, where everything like the odds and ledger are transparent and open. At the same time, things like AML and KYC can be put on the blockchain,’ Earle concludes.

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