Cascade Health Center Now Offering Health Options to Circumvent Drugs or Surgery

May 07 19:47 2020
Cascade Health Center Now Offering Health Options to Circumvent Drugs or Surgery

Eugene, Oregon – Cascade Health Center has one goal: to offer natural healthcare resources to heal the patient from the inside out, without the need for medicines or surgery. To this end, the center recently has expanded its services, as indicated on its website at With a modernized view of healthcare, Dr. Garreth MacDonald and the staff at the center hope to curb the overuse of drugs and the current overprescribing epidemic.

The Cascade Health Center offers a variety of services for patients, including chiropractic care, physical therapy, acupuncture, and massage therapy, wellness consultations. It also provides specific care for sports-related injuries, after-car accident workup and care, and X-rays. This healthcare clinic offers many different approaches to natural healthcare, giving patients the power to choose the option they feel is best for them.

Dr. Garreth MacDonald has been practicing since 2000, after receiving his chiropractic degree from Logan College of Chiropractic. More specifically, Dr. MacDonald has spent the majority of his life studying the spine and how injuries along it can affect day-to-day life. He wears many hats, also serving as a kinesiologist and hydrotherapist.

Dr. MacDonald’s lifelong commitment is to finding new ways to help patients. Throughout his career, he has seen one of the most effective solutions is developing new rehabilitation programs. He takes pride in his profession and makes sure to offer his patients only the latest services that have proven to help.

The Cascade Health Center takes patient health care seriously and has a commitment to patient wellbeing with a natural focus. This focus is apparent in their versatility and a large variety of treatment options. Cascade Health Clinic also helps patients to take responsibility for their wellness and take control, rather than rely on drugs or surgeries. Their goal is to show patients that there is a better way to maintain health without dependence on pharmaceuticals.

With over one-hundred 5-star reviews, Cascade Health Center has proven its natural-based approach to healthcare is having a positive impact on their surrounding community. With expanded services and an ongoing commitment to innovating holistic healthcare, the clinic strives to continue offering quality service and care for all of their patients, both present and future. 

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