Cristiano Natural Juice Maker Christine Fung Stepped In COVID-19 Zone And Delivered Her Detoxifying Juice Made From Rosa Roxbunghii

May 08 22:24 2020
Christine Fung, a celebrity in her own right, has shown great courage by venturing into one of the areas highly affected by COVID-19.

Hong Kong – 8th May, 2020 – Christine Fung, a well-known celebrity, has stunned the world and has shown great courage by venturing into one of the worst affected areas in Hong Kong that has been reeling under the lethality of COVID-19. The inventor of Rosa Roxbunghii-rich Cristiano Natural Juice, Christine, was recently spotted delivering her detoxifying juice to a COVID-19 patient. In a situation when the whole world is facing a lockdown, everyone has been wondering what made her take such a decision. Reaching out to people in this time of crisis and lending out a helping hand to those who are facing drastic situations seem to have been her objective.

When everyone has been advised to wear masks and refrain from going outside as much as possible, Christine has been going in and out of the hospital to deliver Cristiano Natural Juice in order to help people who are affected. She has all the hope that the Rosa Roxbunghii juice would flush out the toxins of the body. When she got to know people were concerned about her well-being, she said that she is in the pink of her health and is doing absolutely fine. She revealed that she has been visiting the hospital just to bring some gifts for her friend.

Christine stated that her friend has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and the moment she came to know about it, she made it a point to deliver the detoxifying anti-oxidant juice in person to him. Christine didn’t bother about her health while going inside the hospital that has stained by the deadly coronavirus. Her friend, Mr. Jiang, has been drinking the juice for quite some time and is doing pretty good these days.     

Cristiano Natural Juice is Christine’s own brand and is essentially a pure and natural wild Rosa Roxbunghii enzyme essence which has been constituted of pear fruit juice, considered to be high in vitamin C. The formula has been patented. She is happy that has contributed to the cause and is proud of her achievement.  

Christine has personally donated millions of dollars of Cristiano Natural Juice pure natural wild pear fruit enzyme essence to medical staff in Hong Kong, and her aim is to give away the juice to people working at the grassroot level in different sectors. She hopes that It can boost immunity and she is very willing to provide Cristiano Natural Juice free of charge to all people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

About The Company

Cristiano Natural Juice contains pure natural wild pear fruit enzyme essence, rich in vitamin C, SOD superoxide dismutase, and also contains free amino acids, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin K1 and carotene and other very beneficial ingredients for the human body. It has the effects of improving the body’s immunity, protecting the liver and stomach, hangover, beauty and beauty, whitening anti-aging, blood vessels, lowering blood pressure, removing bad breath, treating diarrhoea and hemorrhoids. This product does not add any preservatives, pigments and spices and other chemical reagents.

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