Stuck At Home With The Kids Because Of Coronavirus? Corona Mom Support: A Series Of Free Ongoing Videos To Support Emotionally And Help Stay Sane

May 13 09:37 2020

KIRYAT YE’ARIM, ISRAEL – May 11, 2020 – In numerous regions around the globe, kids remain home from school to decrease the spread of the new coronavirus and COVID-19, the illness it leads to. While this is essential for social distancing, it has been shockingly disruptive for kids and parentsalike, who have to negotiate a whole new ‘normal’. The challenges of kids fighting about everything, refusing to listen, throwing tantrums or meltdowns through boredom, lack of structure and anxiety are driving parents to distraction. 

Parents react in different ways. For some, the confusion of how to parent through these times has led to kids sleeping to 12 or 1pm, or later, glued to their phones when they are awake, shoveling endless bags of potato chips on the couch, and staying up till 3am. Others try to keep a semblance of order, but with everyone on top of each other and no respite in sight, the loss of control parents feel leads to tremendous frustration, anxiety and a sense of failure. Invariably, parents feel guilt-ridden that they’re not doing ‘enough’ for their kids, or for ‘sticking’ them in front of the TV, beating themselves up for ‘losing’ it and for just not rising to the parenting challenge during these times. 

If you’re at home with a whole lot of little or big kids and everyone is pulling at you from different angles, my goal is to support you through all of this. If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m not big on‘just do this – do that’. There’s a place for that but it’s not my focus. I see myself as your ally. I’m on your side. I focus on what YOU need so you can give your kids what THEY need. Rather than just telling you what to do, I help you feel secure enough to make informed choices when the going gets tough. I guide you to become the best version of your parenting self that you want to be. 

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