A Comprehensive Insight on Vicki Child’s Picture Book Documentation: “Amanda flies high”

May 28 15:20 2020

Retired teacher and author, Vicki Childs, has launched her first book titled: ”Amanda flies high”, a children’s picture book documentation of her hot air balloon ride adventure.

As a retirement gift from her teaching career, Childs was given a balloon ride. On her second flight, Amanda Panda, a child’s stuffed panda went along with her. However, the story centres on Amanda Panda, as she experiences her first hot-air balloon flight.

The book, seemingly targeted at elementary-school audience, tells how Amanda arrived at the launch site in time to watch the crew spread out and inflate the balloon. With her friends, Vicki, Kathy, and Mary, Amanda climbs into the basket and sets off for a flight over Salem, Oregon. At the end of the flight, Amanda watches as the crew packs up the balloon for the next flight. She has taken many pictures, and can’t wait to share them with all of her friends.

The book is a thrilling and delightful piece of humble adventure replete with photos that can gratify even the mind of an adult. Readers can visualize wind hitting the gondola just as the author is firing the shot, and can imagine the sensory stimulation of being in the balloon for the first time.

Childs wrote the book in a simple, concise and straight-to-the-point diction, simplifying to the young readers, the process of getting a balloon airborne. She goes in details to explain how it travels and how the burners fire their gigantic tongues of flame into the envelope. For increased clarity, she sensibly includes a detailed drawing of a hot-air balloon and a list of terms related to her voyage. More importantly, Childs engages readers in the various joys of flight, including the quiet and peace that comes at a 1,400-foot altitude.

Since her trip with Amanda, Vicki has flown several more times and became a member of the balloon chase crew.

Vicki Childs grew up in Eugene, Oregon. She attended the University of Oregon and graduated with an elementary teaching certificate. She later earned a certificate in educational media. Vicki taught elementary school for two years on the island of Guam. After twenty-eight years of teaching grades two through six in Salem Oregon, Vicki retired in July of 2002. She now has more time to spend on her hobbies. Vicki enjoys reading, needlework, photography, and travelling. She still lives and flies in Salem. She’s also the author of ”Amanda on the river”.

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