New Tech StartUp Announces They Are Changing Independent Music Promotion And Marketing For Good

June 05 22:23 2020

There’s a new tech start-up in town and it’s changing the face of music promotion by revolutionising how fanbases are built. That’s great news for independent music artists and recording companies! 

Major record labels have dominated the music recording industry for decades. They’ve traditionally taken care of almost all aspects of music marketing from production right through to distribution and promotion. Today’s music industry though is clearly shifting away from this business model. More and more, artists are finding they don’t need to sign up with record labels to get their work produced and heard. They can produce it themselves instead using sophisticated programs such as Fruity Loops Studio or Ableton Live, installed on their own computers. 

They can also find and distribute digitally to their own audiences through online streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud. Indeed, high tech software and digital streaming platforms like these have greatly popularised ‘user-generated audio’ consumption and created new global audiences for digital music. In addition, once their music has been distributed, music artists are now able to do all their own music promotion too via digital music marketing platforms. That’s if they know how and that brings us to another inescapable point!

Being an independent music artist today certainly has its advantages but it also comes with a downside. Namely, many musicians are not marketing experts and have no idea how to effectively promote themselves and their music. Most will remain unknown, and probably largely unheard, which is a shame because there is some great talent out there.

Changes Are Afoot!

Start-up is on a mission to change this. The company intends to make a difference to the fortunes of talented independent musicians. Headed by London-based start-up company Audiosoft LLP, the brains behind Tuneer identified a real need for professional music promotion services within the independent music community, and stepped into the breach. Today they provide valuable support to artists with a range of music promotion activities.

Breaking into a heavily populated independent music industry isn’t easy but it is possible.

Platforms like SoundCloud and Spotify do play an important role in distributing independent music but there are drawbacks if one is relying on them solely. Notably, the ‘one hit wonder’ promotional style of these platforms doesn’t provide the ongoing support artists often need to help them gain traction with an audience. In other words, musicians can certainly rely on them to get their work aired but after that they’re on their own. 

Unfortunately, around 80% of the time people only listen to a piece once or twice before moving on to the next ‘one hit wonder’. They rarely become dedicated fans because the ongoing marketing to turn them into one just isn’t there. 

This is where comes in. Instead of leaving artists floundering, Tuneer picks up their music and helps promote it. They carefully build an audience that wants more, and will return time and again to listen to an artist they like. How do they do this?

Music Bot – Keeping In Touch

Tuneer’s music marketing started in 2017 when they unveiled Music Bot, a music discovery app that runs on the Telegram and Facebook Messenger platforms. Music Bot provides music lovers with a range of services including free music downloads, music news, lyrics, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) music search and discovery tools. 

The app works on a similar principle to Google Alerts. It monitors the web for trending artist and music related topics of interest to the user and sends an alert via Messenger or Telegram when it finds something. In this way, music lovers are encouraged to keep abreast of what’s happening with artists and bands whose music they enjoy. They’re ‘gently’ persuaded to become loyal fans rather than once off listeners.

Music Marketing Platform Tuneer Is Here

Tuneer followed up on the success of Music Bot with the official release of in 2018. This is a remarkable dedicated music marketing platform that addresses many of the short comings in audio streaming platforms. It is specifically designed to help recording companies and independent artists get heard, build solid relationships with their fans, and improve audience retention. The platform provides a host of functions including smart links for music marketing, push notifications, landing pages, comprehensive analytics and a range of music sharing and other tools.

What’s Next For Tuneer?

Already over 1000 music artists globally are using the platform on a monthly basis to release music, stay in touch with fans, and reach out to new ones. has gained the trust of independent musicians and is succeeding where other online music platforms have not. The company is also looking to create new relationships with other like-minded entities and to this end, has already entered into partnerships with artists from Atlantic Records and Ultra Music.

Whilst was designed to be a creative agency and music promotion platform, it’s also proving to be a unique and effective online record label. This is significant because it allows the platform to not just help artists reach wider audiences but also build an identity as an independent music artist.

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