Napzzz Gives the World a Space to Power Nap Anywhere, Anytime with Napzzz Sleeping Pods

November 06 03:42 2020
Napzzz Gives the World a Space to Power Nap Anywhere, Anytime with Napzzz Sleeping Pods

New York – Napzzz mission is to share their passion for sleep science and meditation by bringing the power of napping to the people by providing safe, clean, and secure locations to recharge. Napzzz’s revolutionary sleeping pods are already in 50 locations across the United States. Companies such as Coca-Cola and the UFC can see the benefits that a quick power nap provides. Midday napping has been scientifically proven to increase worker productivity, personal well-being, and alertness.

Napzzz sleeping pods are always clean and comfortable. The pods are meticulously maintained with hospital-grade cleaning practices so the user can always rest easy. They’re also incredibly comfortable, boasting luxury materials and spacious interiors to ease the napper into a state of bliss. Napzzz sleeping pods also feature phone charging ports and secure storage for luggage and other personal items. Of course, the pods themselves are all secure as well.

A NASA study on pilots confirmed the importance of napping. The study found the pilots that had taken a short 40-minute nap were significantly more alert than those that didn’t, in some cases 100% more alert than the control group. Napzzz believes these results are a valuable insight into the importance of sleep and that these benefits should be available to everyone.

Napzzz offers four different pods for individuals or corporations to choose from: the Basic Pod, the Igloo Pod, the Sport Pod, and the Pro Pod. Due to their compact size, the pods are perfect for airports, cramped offices, and training gyms. Many executives and even some professional athletes already reap the many benefits provided by Napzzz pods.

For athletes, Napzzz is very excited about the Sport Pod. Napping after a workout can provide numerous benefits including more effective muscle repair and improved muscle memory. Athletes everywhere can benefit from shorter recovery times so they can get back to training sooner and keep a leg up on the competition.

Based in New York City, Napzzz was founded by Manny and Danni Godina. Together they extolled the virtues of the power nap and believe that simply napping for 15 to 45 minutes in the afternoon can have a dramatic effect on an individual’s quality of life and workplace performance. They developed Napzzz sleeping pods with this idea in mind, and they aim to use the pods to provide an oasis for workers and travelers.

The sleeping pods are available on their website and their journey can be followed on their Instagram and LinkedIn pages.

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