What to Expect During an HVAC Installation Service

December 08 21:42 2021
What to Expect During an HVAC Installation Service

New HVAC installation is one of the most significant investments a homeowner will ever make. It’s not just a financial commitment, it requires time and patience. If ones system needs to be replaced, it’s also a smart investment. 

Living with an HVAC unit that’s past its time not only costs a person money in repairs and higher utility bills, but it can also be dangerous to one’s health. A home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system does more than maintain a comfortable temperature. It’s also responsible for protecting the quality of indoor air.

Knowing what to expect from an installation service and understanding what one can do to prepare will help the entire process go smoother.

Replace or Repair: How Does One Know?

Of course, one wants to avoid the expense of installing a new system if possible. To help decide whether it’s time to replace or repair the HVAC system, consider the following warning signs that one may need new HVAC installation:

  • The HVAC system is more than 12 years old
  • There is uneven heating/cooling throughout the building
  • The unit requires frequent repairs
  • Energy bills keep increasing without explanation
  • Bad smells are coming from the vents when the heater or AC is on
  • There is poor indoor air quality
  • It’s too humid or dry
  • The house appears dusty despite regular cleaning
  • One needs fans or space heaters to stay comfortable

Another reason one might need a new HVAC system installation is if one plans on remodeling one’s space to add square footage. 

The current system that one may have may not be properly sized to handle the extra room. Getting the job done while construction is already underway will be much more convenient than waiting until the remodeling project is completed.

What to Expect During HVAC Installation Service

Once one has confirmed that a new system is necessary, it’s time to do a little homework. Familiarizing oneself self with the different models of HVAC systems will help one make a more informed choice. 

I Need The Plumber & Air Conditioning has HVAC technicians who can offer expert advice and guide the customer to properly sized products for the property and usage patterns. When the contractor and crew arrive for the HVAC installation in Port St. Lucie, they will take a moment to assess the job site and set up their work areas. Expect a team of around three people to be working on the job.

The team can complete most HVAC installations within a day. If one has a particularly complex setup or is adding other specialized equipment, the project might take longer. Please visit us at https://ineedcoolair.com/ We can provide a reliable time estimate when the installation plans are finalized.

We take every precaution to protect property and belongings. We will place protective paper over the flooring and drop cloths over any furniture that cannot be moved. Installing a new HVAC system can be a dusty job.

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