Marcus Griffin, a Covid-19 medical miracle, is committed to creating a better world through music and art

May 25 23:51 2022
Marcus is helping two DJs escape the war in Ukraine and follow their passion in the USA.

Miami, Florida – Marcus Griffin, a Covid-19 medical miracle, has pledged to dedicate his life to creating a better tomorrow using art and music. He was in a coma for two months with a negligible chance of surviving; however, upon running several tests, it was established that Marcus never had Covid-19. After he woke up, much to the surprise of medical practitioners, he took it upon himself to create a better world. 

A former football player from James Madison University, Marcus had to learn to walk and talk all over again after his illness. “My experience at the beginning of the pandemic made me realize how precious life is. When I woke up from my coma, I couldn’t believe the new world we were living in, and that is when I decided to pass on my knowledge to my peers,” Marcus said. 

Marcus has established Blockchain systems and processes to help underserved communities and higher education institutions raise donations in the last two years. He is also actively working towards developing initiatives to assist underprivileged youth looking to pursue their passion for music and art with the assistance of a music studio in south Florida. 

Marcus is currently working to bring two well-known female DJs from war-struck Ukraine to the USA. “It breaks my heart to see what is happening in Ukraine and the loss of life. I’m working with the biggest entertainment promotion entity in Miami to help bring two DJs Kseniya and DJ DaCandy, once labelled “Hottest DJ in the World” by Maxim, to the U.S. for a Megastar Global awareness and peace campaign starting in July,” Marcus added. 

To honour a second chance at life, Marcus has also decided to launch an NFT collection in 2022 that narrates his experience and life after that. He has decided to dedicate a portion of the proceeds to community initiatives in Miami, while the rest will go towards getting the two Ukrainian DJs to the USA for their first tour in the states. 

“I feel blessed to have the support of my community helping me make these initiatives come to life. The support of the international DJ community, the City of Wynwood Miami and the Wynwood Walls Museum, and Dave Grutman (Owner of LIV Nightclub in Miami) from Groot Hospitality are unparalleled,” Marcus noted. 

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