How to ensure each plastic bottle packaging sustainable? – Rethinking Plastic packaging

May 25 21:22 2022
How to ensure each plastic bottle packaging sustainable? - Rethinking Plastic packaging
PCR Plastic Bottles from Sanle Plastic
The main sustainable packaging solution included in the plastic bottle manufacturing company are PLA Biodegradable materials and PCR plastic packaging solutions. Sanle plastic believes that they have an important role to play in protecting the planet as a manufacturer. This is why their sustainable packaging steps go a long way to help reduce waste and carbon emissions. Here customers get biodegradable bottles with PCR bottles that comes with unique environmental advantages.

What to Know About Recycled Packaging PCR Plastic Bottles?

PCR means Post Consumer Resin or Post Consumer Recycled material. These are recycled materials and are referred to by different names like rPP, which stands for Recycled Polypropylene Plastic, rPET, which stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate rHDPE, which stands for Recycled High-Density Polythene. PCR plastic refers to plastic made from recycled plastic materials that are widely recycled and can be reprocessed into resin used for making new packaging. In this way, PCR plastic gets another life and reduces the enormous plastic waste.

What Are PCR Plastic Bottles?

Post Consumer Resin or PCR plastics is one of the most planet-friendly packaging choices, which the manufacturers widely use for supporting consumer demand, recycling programs, and reducing waste in landfills. The PCR plastics are recycled materials obtained from the existing plastics, and PET bottles are recycled into packaging materials. 

Many bottle manufacturers are incorporating recycled PCR HDPE bottles and PET plastics which can be availed via many recycling programs in PCR. Here plastics are properly cleaned and converted into pellets before reprocessing into FDA-approved food-safe plastic bottles. 

PCR HDPE Bottles

Sanle Plastics supplies multiple HDPE PCR bottles in different shape and sizes, such as como round, Boston round, rectangle PCR HDPE bottles, for your cosmetic packaging, skincare packaging, household packaging needs and more.10%-100% recycled PCR content can be added to HDPE Plastic Bottles depends on customer’s requirements.  


PET PCR Bottles

Sanle Plastics also make quality PET PCR Bottles from qualified resouce. The rPET PCR bottles can be produced with up to 100% post-consumer recyled content. Colors of the PCR bottles can be customzied, complete decoration options includes silkscreen printing, labeling, hot stamping, soft touch finish, matte finish.

Eco-friendly Packaging – PCR plastic bottles

PCR plastics are made from plastic waste, color absorbed, collected, and shredded in fine granules to be melted down into a new plastic after reprocessing. PCR plastic has multiple benefits as it results in less wastage and lowers the massive amount of waste production. These plastics are good for the environment by reducing wastage in water sources and landfills. It also reduces carbon footprint, which positively affects our planet.

PCR plastic bottles more and more popular in cosmetic packaging

PCR plastic bottles are made from all plastic materials, so it is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Apart from protecting the planet, PCR plastic bottles help manufacturers to gain reasonable and Sustainable Packaging for their cosmetics products. When the existing plastics are reprocessed to make plastic bottles, they consume fewer fossil fuels and energy. These plastic bottles save the planet from pollution and other wasted resources. Manufacturers also get a durable and viable plastic bottles for cosmetic packaging. 

About company

The heart of the company Sanle Plastics philosophy is sustainable packaging that is responsibly sourced. The main dedication of the company is to leave a lighter footprint on the earth, and they have the ongoing commitment to source pioneering recycled, sustainable packaging PCR bottles. The PCR bottles manufactured by the company are a sustainable innovation that is helping to protect our planet in every way possible.

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