100% carbon-neutral NFT launched to raise funds for The Wild Steelhead Coalition

June 07 22:36 2022
The NFT Collection has been created by Savlen to support The Wild Steelhead Coalition.

World-renowned fine artist Mike Savlen to release NFT Collection, a first-of-its-kind fundraising event in support of The Wild Steelhead Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the return of wild steelhead to the waters of the West Coast.

Savlen Studios’ first NFT4 conservation will begin on Wednesday, June 8th, 2022, at Noon EST and features a limited run of 2251 fine art NFTs.

There will be four levels of the NFT, starting at $125, and each NFT has an assigned number of chances to win Mike Savlen’s original painting, “Vanishing Native.” This original painting has a value of $15,000, offering NFT holders a chance to win this one-of-a-kind piece of original artwork for a minimal investment.

Mike shared his vision and inspiration behind “Vanishing Native” with the media.

“This artwork was created to help the Wild Steelhead Coalition raise awareness about the declining numbers of wild steelhead returning to our watersheds each year. Initially, I thought about painting a strong broadside composition of one of the most beautiful, powerful, and challenging fish anglers pursue but decided it would not say enough about their fragile situation. So after going through multiple compositions and contemplation, I went with a minimalist approach, focusing on just the impression of this powerful fish fading into the background, and unfortunately, if left unchecked, oblivion.”

There are also more prizes that can be won by the NFT holders, like gear, artwork, apparel, and gift cards, with one-third of total sales benefiting The Wild Steelhead Coalition.

When you buy one of these NFTs, you become the owner of a Savlen Limited NFT artwork, a digital collectible souvenir that can be used for non-commercial purposes. Every NFT holder will also receive a gift card to Savlen Studios and entry into a private community of people looking to change the world. Benefits also include future access to special events, members-only education, advanced notice of NFT drops, new artwork, and more.

These NFTs can be purchased with a credit card through a simple widget on the site, which differs from the traditional method of paying with cryptocurrency.

About Savlen Studios:

NFTs have empowered the Savlens to convert their art and creativity into meaningful actions working to restore and protect Earth’s creatures and delicate resources. With this new business model, the Savlens goal is to raise $1,000,000 for conservation by 2023. The Savlens believe that the environmental effects of our activities are essential, which is why their chosen platform for creating their NFTs is Polygon. Polygon is carbon neutral and aims to be climate positive by the end of 2022.

For more details, visit: https://nft.savlenstudios.com

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