FGA Partners: The Mechanics of Project Falcon, DAOs and Tokenization

June 07 23:46 2022
FGA Partners: The Mechanics of Project Falcon, DAOs and Tokenization
FGA Partners is building transparency in the cryptocurrency market, giving projects the tools to succeed while providing the investment community with transparency to make informed decisions

Project Falcon is an initiative that was designed to formulate a path that would give viable startups and projects globally the opportunity to fund their projects, build a community, promote transparency and have a true relationship with a private equity firm that could help them through all the stages of their growth.

The age of Initial coin offerings have fizzled due to the lack of transparency, lack of trust in the project founders and the bad actors that dominated the space. Investors in any tokenized project are looking for transparency, a road map of growth, the ability to be informed of the project’s purpose, its progress and the people involved.

So Project Falcon goes a bit beyond that in order to give transparency and create confidence in the projects. All projects go through a vetting process where due diligence of the company / project is executed by the FGA Partners team directly. This insures that there is a level of transparency of any project that FGA Partners is associated with, it allows for interested parties in the project to easily access information in order to perform their due diligence and make informed decisions.

FGA Partners will perform a number of checks prior to allowing a project to become tokenized on the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network. This is a critical process and revolves around the intent of the project, the problem it is solving, the future growth prospects and the people involved.

This reduces the possibility of shell projects or bad actors from passing the litmus test and being tokenized on the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network. It also promotes transparency and trust with the global investment community.

Any project that should advance in the vetting process to becoming tokenized will also have their tokens placed in a liquidity pool on the decentralized cryptocurrency exchange HootDex along side PECU Coins, the native coin of the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network. This follows the process of pricing the tokens where a number of factors come into play such as the enterprise value of the project and the number of tokens to be issued.

Once the pricing is determined then the liquidity pool is created, which are fully backed by FGA Partners and it’s investment partners, allowing for an automated market making situation to exist. This creates an oracle of pricing for the token that is transparent and where no human intervention is possible once it commences, the supply and demand will ultimately dictate the true pricing of any token longer term.

Detailed information pages will be created for each project and they will be available to the general public for due diligence purposes.

Another key feature is that all token holders of a particular project will have a voice via a decentralized autonomous organization “DAO” that would be directly associated with that specific project. The DAO will have unique features such as having a non-fungible token representing their voting power, a designated private club on MegaHoot Soapbox where they can connect in real time for meetings, access videos and paperwork associated with the project, connect with the project leaders, request real time video chats, have real time voting polls and more.

The FGA Partners team will be working closely with every project that is tokenized on the Pecu Novus Blockchain Network in order to insure a level of success, transparency and guide these projects through multiple stages during their growth. This spans from organic growth, growth via acquisition, traditional capital raising at a later date and initial public offerings if deemed necessary.

FGA Partners is currently accepting business plans and white papers for projects of all sizes, all industries and from anywhere in the world. There are no upfront fees associated with Project Falcon, all projects selected to move forward are based on the merit of project and people involved.

FGA Partners also welcome other private equity firms, institutional investors and the like to participate in Project Falcon.

The FGA Partners team is looking forward to working with great entrepreneurs and innovators at every stage of their growth.

Please note that verification of any team member of FGA Partners can be made via our website’s team page https://www.fgapartners.com/the-firm/our-team/.

For more information please go to www.fgapartners.com


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