The Boy, a Book and Time Magic

August 03 22:20 2022
The Boy, a Book and Time Magic
Time Line by Shree Patel
Time Line is a thrilling adventure book for all ages, so cuddle up in your sheets and ready yourself for a whimsical tale.

When you open up the book, it is filled to the brim with energy and life surrounding a young boy who encounters otherworldly powers out of the blue. How will he tackle this magic that speaks?

“To the holder of the book, you can now travel back in time. With this book you hold, you can also travel into the future. Go explore and see if you can change the future, but be warned, do not interfere with the past.”

Throughout the book, the young protagonist utilizes the power of the book for a multitude of reasons that all of us relate to which is either, curiosity or greed. What did our Earth look like in the age of the dinosaurs? Travel to the past. You wish for an unpleasant feeling or event to pass by quicker or want something to happen quickly, you travel to the future.

Shree Patel cleverly incorporates such subject matter within a book meant for children therein, teaching children important lessons at the end of each chapter through a classic ‘moral of the story’ format. Time line teaches young children to have fun and enjoy the fruits of life but if the opportunity rises where one has power over the other, do not abuse it.  

What adventures will he stumble upon and would he have the time to focus on his normal life? This young protagonist has no idea on what power he has unlocked because with good forces, there exist evil.  As for the author in question, Shree Patel is a young albeit, aspiring author filled with talent. The young girl is a year six student who is currently moving to secondary school and along with her schoolwork, aspires to inspire through her literary works.

Time Line is now available on Amazon in Ebook and Paperback.

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