Heavenly Cynt Youth Changing Lives One Youth At A Time

September 01 23:02 2022

Community-based youth mentoring relationships (CBM) are a popular and effective form of intervention worldwide in which qualified mentors are matched with children to promote developmental and positive outcomes. Youth mentoring, as practiced by Heavenly Cynt Youth, defined as a special caring dyadic relationship between mentors and their mentees that aims to promote young people’s personal and professional development, has been acknowledged as a vital asset for youth development.

Heavenly Cynt Youth adopts an exciting approach to its mentorships, such as zoom/google workshops, sports, self-expression,arts, and activities. This organization hosts events catered to racially diverse groups of youth, offering peace circles tennis, golf, fishing, gardening, bowling, equine, arts and crafts, baseball, cooking, entrepreneurship, and more in hopes of developing lifelong skills, strengthening family ties and exposing youth from all backgrounds beyond their current situations through adventurous excursions.

Heavenly Cynt Youth believes that positive youth development outcomes associated with mentoring include gains in self-esteem, self-confidence, an increase in academic achievement, and a reduction in the likelihood of initiating drug use and crime prevention in juveniles. Through the group’s quality mentoring youth displaying higher risk factors have been helped to do significantly better than youth in the non-mentored comparison groups on several important outcomes.

Heavenly Cynt Youth’s mentoring is not limited to youths alone. The group also has valuable materials and workbooks for kids, toddlers, and preschoolers. One of the workbooks, Chasing My Dreams, is a fun way to improve children’s motor skills, tracing skills, and many other activities.

The book teaches children how to write, spell, trace and build vocabulary. The book features 39 pages of tracing and activities, uppercase and lowercase letter tracing practice worksheets, math worksheets pages, science pages, reading pages, and so much more.

“At Heavenly Cynt Youth Inc, we’re teaching life skills, awareness, and building healthy relationships. We want our kids to be productive citizens and teach them in a way they don’t part or go astray”, said Cynthia Manuel, the founder of Heavenly Cynt Youth Inc.

It is pertinent to note that Cynthia Manuel’s son, Davionne is the Vision behind the organization. He’s been an integral part of the organization’s mentoring program as it allows him to connect with so many other youth. Cynthia is living out her dreams and purpose.

According to her mother: ”As a young adult, she was like a sponge picking up so much so fast. Seeing what she’s doing today brings tears to my eyes. She always wanted to positively impact youth and make a difference in her community, and I’m glad she is living her purpose now.

Heavenly Cynt Youth Inc is where you can find my daughter Empowering and Engaging Chicago Youth!” Cynthia has partnered with many other organizations that has assisted her and she appreciates all that has donated and supported her throughout her journey.

Heavenly Cynt Youth is available on Facebook and Instagram @ Heavenly Cynt Youth and Heavenly Cynt respectively.

Heavenly Cynt Youth is looking for donations/sponsorships to keep up its good work of changing the lives of young people.

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