American Rapper Shawn Payton Sr. Traces His Journey From A Homeless Youth to An Award-Winning Artist

September 12 21:42 2022
Shawn Payton Sr. shows how hard work and dedication make dreams come true.

The popular New York rap artist and clothing designer Shawn Payton Sr. a.k.a Konceited Show, is a classic example of a highly motivated individual. He has made incredible progress from a homeless youth to an award-winning artist. He is hugely popular among young Americans. “I was passionate about music and writing songs from an early age,” says the famous American artist. “I began writing at 12 and would spend my days with my brother battle rapping. I am delighted at the response of my fans to my songs and music and hope to keep writing and creating more exciting rap numbers for them.” Konceited Show has been winning the hearts of thousands of fans. His music and surprisingly humble personality appeal to his audience, mainly today’s youth.

The Brooklyn rapper has been creating nice buzz for himself over the years with his versatile style. However, his moment of reckoning came with his single ‘Raw”. He struck gold in 2018 when he released this remake of the late great Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya.’ The song peaked at a stunning 1.1 million streams within the first week of its release. He proved that Raw was not just a flash in the pan with his EP titled ‘The Glitch.’ Shawn Payton Sr. has an exciting past to share with his fans. His early life was tough and spent in poverty. However, the challenging situations in life didn’t deter him from pursuing his passion for music. He pushed himself to grow as a writer and rapper and kept polishing and improving his skills.

Shawn Payton Sr. is also an acclaimed clothing designer and is the owner of @shop.darksideapparel. Shawn Payton’s journey from being a homeless youth to a highly successful Platinum recording artist is awe-inspiring. He faced many deterrents in his life, but that never stopped him from achieving his goals. Today, he’s a loving father, artist, clothing designer, and influencer. Konceited Show is a perfect example of resilience and unwavering commitment. That’s how he “went from nothing to something.”

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About Konceited Show:

Konceited Show is the name that American rapper Shawn Payton Sr. adopted for himself. The Konceited brand has become popular among the American rapping community. Konceited Show has created many albums to date. They include Yours for the Night, Don’t Lie, Raw, We Won’t Die, and The Glitch. He is a Platinum artist with a large and growing fan following. He is also an acclaimed clothing designer with his own line of creations.

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