WagyuWeTrust is bringing high quality meat to global customers

September 18 09:03 2022
WagyuWeTrust is bringing high quality meat to global customers
WagyuWeTrust is a global supplier of Japanese Wagyu beef.

WagyuWeTrust is a European company that provides the finest marble steaks of Japanese Wagyu cattle. The company’s mission is to make Wagyu beef accessible to everyone, and its vision is to be the most trusted source for premium Wagyu beef online.

WagyuWeTrust removes the uncertainty from eating healthily. Wagyu beef is full of taste and minerals, making it simple to eat healthy daily. The Wagyu beef provided by the company is 100% grass-fed and GMO-free, and it is raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. Small Japanese family farms that adhere to the company’s dedication to sustainable agriculture are where they ethically obtain their beef.  With WagyuWeTrust, customers can enjoy the flavor of real food while also knowing that their health is being taken care of.

WagyuWeTrust has a distribution network in more than thirty countries worldwide. Since the company maintains high quality in its foods, it never had to face the problems of its meat being recalled or posing a threat to the health of its clients, which only adds to the trust its customers show in the company. The meat provided by The WagyuWeTrust is of the highest standard and conforms to the health parameters.

Their entire product line-up is vacuum-sealed. The company’s partnership with DHL, a famous shipping firm, ensures a temperature-controlled delivery for up to 72 hours. 

Giving some advice to the customers, a spokesperson from the company said, “Our meat can be safely stored for ten days when stored in a fridge. Please contact us before purchasing if you want to receive our frozen products. Meat should not be kept frozen for longer than two months.”

“We believe that when you put good food in your body, you feel good all over. We are always here to help you find that perfect cut of meat,“ he added.

In addition to offering the highest quality meat items to clients, they educate their customers so that they can make an informed decision before purchasing any product.  

For an unforgettable dining experience with Japanese Wagyu beef’s unique flavor, nutrient profile, and tenderness, visit  https://wagyuwetrust.com.

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