New Trend Spotting Agency Make Trend Reports Accessible to Worldwide Entrepreneurs

September 18 09:21 2022
Trend Reporting offers insights into the future of Business and Technology at a yearly subscription price that is 20 times less than the competition

Based in Ottawa, Canada, a city of one of the largest tech hubs in North America, Trend Reporting is an independent trend forecasting firm searching for the next steps in tech, business, and consumer behavior evolution. The company was born with the mission to provide Future Trend Reports translated into a language everyone can understand and take action.

The company was founded by a group of entrepreneurs constantly trying to find the next big idea or market change that could impact their businesses, and it has been in the making for almost ten years now. In September 2022, it launched a new website and a service subscription service. Furthermore, it developed a curating methodology from an informal group gathering that became a trending firm.

Trend Reporting has been helping companies and entrepreneurs around the world to identify future business opportunities since 2012. They first started creating trend reports for themselves, second to a close group of friends entrepreneurs, and finally as a platform for everyone interested around the globe.

Daniel Pereira, one of its founders, said that It took quite some time to get here, but they are proud of all the steps and experiences we gathered through time. Their affordable subscription offers easy-to-understand reports with multiple business ideas to inspire their members to create new successful ventures. Any subscriber will have access to the published reports library and new reports published monthly.

As Pereira says: “If you are constantly wondering what new technology or business idea will shape consumer behavior and spending, our reports were made for you!”

With new business ideas emerging daily, shifting consumer behavior, and taking markets by storm, busy entrepreneurs find it hard to discover trends before they explode. Trend Reporting promises to curate the best business ideas and trends that will help anyone surf new waves of monetization before your competition does.

You can also find a free sample Report on the Trend Reporting website. They are offering one of their hottest reports, called Gummification. Find it at:

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