Estate Media of Naples FL Acquires Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine of Malibu CA

October 24 09:58 2022
Estate Media’s acquisition of Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine, will complement their other global luxury brand management and marketing vehicles, allowing them offer their various luxury brand clients an expanded reach to other affluent homeowners and exclusive opulent lifestyle club members. Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine will give Estate Media other custom solutions to increase their client’s lead generation and conversion rates.

Luxury Home and Lifestyle Country Club Magazine is distributed directly to some of the most affluent homeowners in targeted local neighborhoods, providing global luxury brands and local small businesses alike with a low-cost way to promote their brand or services to their most important affluent customers. Today, as part of a strategic endeavor to promote global luxury brands to a bigger audience, Estate Media is announcing their partnership with and obtainment of Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine. Through this esteemed partnership, Estate Media will have the ability to put their very best foot forward, highlighting their aptitude and power to offer luxury brands to highly esteemed individuals. With Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine, Estate Media will be able to reach and truly capture the attention of affluent and privileged elitists whose lifestyles perfectly coincide with the overall mission of the company.

Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine understands what marketing strategies and techniques are needed in order to create issues that readers will look forward to look at, creating an overall customer fan culture for their clients that will increase a company’s overall lead generation and lead conversion rates. Through highly creative content and imaginative marketing tactics, Estate Media and Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine will be able offer more avenues to promote prosperous brands to the affluent and privileged elite customer base that they are looking to reach. Advertising real estate agent, Pam W. from Seacoast Exclusive Properties, said it perfectly — “I have tried every marketing tool under the sun. From social media to billboards to benches to radio. No other platform has gotten me the same ROI as marketing with Estate Media. Their targeted mailing system gets me in front of the wealthiest homeowners in my area at a price that I have not been able to find better anywhere else.”

She went on to say, “Every successful business owner knows that the secret to a successful referral-based business is maintaining the center of attention. Staying in front of your most lucrative customer contacts makes all the difference, and making a great impression is extremely important for your brand. Advertising in Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine provides comprehensive custom solutions that elevate my luxury brand and capture the attention of the affluent and privileged elite whose lifestyles demand only the finest products and services for their families and in their homes.” Douglas Connors of Castles by the Sea said, “We needed to stand out from the sea of mediocre social media posts, newsletters, e-mails, postcards, and fliers. As a luxury brand, we understand how stiff the competition can be when promoting our brand to new and established customers alike. The ubiquitous nature of social media and other content platforms has created an overload of messaging which has increased the importance that our luxury brand be more creative with our communications to increase customer retention. The high- quality content and beautiful design of Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine ensures that each issue is not only read and displayed on coffee tables, but also shared with friends. Estate Media’s custom solutions increased our lead generation and conversion rates while targeting most desired households.”

About Estate Media:

Estate Media, the parent company of Luxury Home & Lifestyle Country Club Magazine, is a one of the leading global luxury brand management and marketing agencies. Our core value is to provide quality content of value to our elite clientele while offering our brand partners exclusive exposure that is targeted. To learn how you can take your advertising to the next level, see the contact information below:

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